Manningham Talks about Showdown with O'Neal

In what is considered by many to be the best performance in Ohio high school history, Michigan commitment <b>Mario Manningham</b> from Harding High School from Warren, Ohio almost singlehandly beat Glenville High from Cleveland 30-26 last Saturday. Manningham spoke with GoBlueWolverine Magazine about his performance.

It was a night to remember if you are a high school football fan. A matchup against two of the most talented players in the country, who are destined to go up against each other many times in the future. Mario Manningham will be heading to Michigan when his high school days are over and Jamario O'Neal will be a Buckeye. To read the GBW recap of the game please click here.

Mannigham spoke Monday evening with GoBlueWolverine about the game. "It was fun," he said. "Everyone was expecting us to lose but we felt pretty good about the game. It was a hard-hitting game for sure."

Mannigham did have some concern beforehand that he wouldn't get a legitimate shot to match up against O'Neal, the five-star prospect who committed to Ohio State. "They were saying at first he (O'Neal) was going to play safety," Manningham said. "But I was real happy that he was at corner; everyone was telling me before the game what he was going to do to me and I didn't want anyone saying I scored because he wasn't covering me ... so they had no excuses."

In the end Manningham racked up 255 yards on seven catches (a whopping 36.4 yards per catch) and four touchdowns, including the game winning touchdown on a 48-yard interception return. Manningham talked about his preparation for the game. "We watched a lot of film," he said. "I studied him (O'Neal) pretty close so I knew how he played. He would back-peddle and lift his hips when he was about to turn, that's bad for a corner to do, so I knew exactly when to break."

So, did the two talk much out on the field? "No, not much," Mannigham said. "About the only time we talked was after a play he helped me up and told me 'good job'."

'Super Mario' did indeed do a 'good job' on Friday. Next up for the 2-0 Raiders is Akron Buchtel on Saturday. Mannigham said he would visit Michigan for the Michigan State game and take his official visit sometime in November.

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