The Post Game Quotes

Coach Carr, Coach Malone, Chad Henne, Braylon Edwards, Marlin Jackson.

Head Coach Lloyd Carr:

"We have no excuses. Give Notre Dame all the credit. We just didn't do the things necessary to win."

"I think we played hard, I just don't think right now, offensively, we're a very good football team."

"We can't run the football. We didn't run it very well last week, and we certainly did not run it very well today. Until we can run the football, we're going to have a hard time."

"You can't win on field goals."

Michigan Offensive Coordinator Terry Malone:

"Offensively, the running game dictates what you can do."

"We all have to take our share of the blame. We did not run it very well, and we didn't block it as well as we'd like. With a better running game we'd have survived."

"Not having the running game working put out quarterback in a tough spot. They loaded up on us up front."

"You can't win if you beat yourselves."

Chad Henne:

"They put guys in the box and pressured us, no doubt. We had some success, but they capitalized on our mistakes. Turnovers always kill you."

"Their defense was great, but I'm disappointed we didn't do better. We had chances but didn't capitalize on them as much as we could have."

Regarding the how much of the playbook he has available. "There is no way you're going to be able to do everything you do with a 5th year senior. I have part of the playbook right now, and more is being added all the time."

Braylon Edwards:

"Chad is playing to the best of his abiolity. We just have to get behind him and support him by cutting down on the mistakes and turnovers."

Marlin Jackson:

"It's a tough loss, but it's a long season. We'll be back."

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