Is Michigan Still Recruiting Doering?

It's been a while since GoBlueWolverine Magazine has spoken with the Doering's. From various reports it appeared the football star of the family, offensive lineman <b>Dan Doering</b> had left the Wolverines behind. <br><br> GBW talked Wednesday afternoon with Dan's father, Rick, and he updated the situation. Is there still interest in Michigan?

Barrington High is off to a slow start, going 1-2 so far this season. The Broncos have a brutal schedule according to Rick Doering, father of Barrington offensive lineman Dan Doering. "Two of their first three opponents are top-10 Chicago area teams," he said. "Plus the fact that (Barrington) is a young team, five of their starters are sophomores."

Barrington lost to Prospect, 21-9, Friday night.

The Doering's were in attendance for Saturday's Michigan-Notre Dame game in South Bend. "It was an exciting college football game," Mr. Doering said. "We were guests of Notre Dame and were on the field and in the stands. It is alway something special when you can see a game like that in person, the excitement of the fans, the history of the game, it was great, Dan really enjolyed himself."

Dan Doering
Is Michigan still interested in Doering?
With over 30 offers for the 6 foot 6, 290-pound lineman the phones have been ringing off the hook at the Doering residence. "I'd say we get between 10-15 calls a night from college coaches," Mr. Doering said. "Sometimes Dan isn't there to take the calls and they leave messages. It does get to be a little much but it's exciting for Dan." One call they haven't received, however, is from a certain coaching staff in Ann Arbor. "We haven't heard from Michigan at all since the period began for them to call on Sept. 1," Mr. Doering said. "We haven't received a hand-written note from them since June. I'm not sure what that means, maybe they have all of their offensive lineman slots filled." Of course the question of the day is, has Dan lost interest in Michigan? "No, not at all," Mr. Doering said. "As a matter of fact he really hasn't lost interest in anyone. Out of the 30 or so offers he's received he's only been to about five of those schools. It's really hard to nail down a final list when you've only seen a small portion of the schools interested."

Mr. Doering said his son has promised three schools that he would schedule official visits with them. Nebraska, Iowa, and Notre Dame are on the list right now. As for the other two? "This is such a long process and we'd like to get a chance to see as many of the schools as possible," Mr. Doering said. "We were hoping to get up to the Michigan-Iowa game but haven't heard from the Michigan coaches to get an invite, so we don't know what we're going to do that weekend. Tennessee has a night game that day and would like us to come down for that." The Doering's have limited number of Saturday visits. Barrington has practice on Saturday's and Mr. Doering said the Bronco staff has given Dan three Saturday's off so he can attend games. The Notre Dame game wasn't included in the three because they were able to practice before heading over the South Bend.

While the Doering's have been to Michigan for a basketball game, they have yet to step into Michigan Stadium on a fall Saturday. "We have never been to a game at Michigan," Mr. Doering said. "We've never even been to an academic event up there. We'd like to see what it's like for a game. It's difficult to get a feel for the program and how the fans are when you haven't been to a game."

Barrington plays at Rolling Meadows this Friday.

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