U-M/SDST: The Drives Tell The Story

The first half left fans scratching their heads -- these were supposed to be two good defensive teams? Instead it was a wild half of big plays and mistakes.<br><br> The second half things really settled down, with U-M's 3rd quarter touchdown being the the only score, and freshman running back Mike Hart increasingly taking over the running duties.<br><br> Here are the drives, and the final stats.


San Diego State #1
Three and out.

*Michigan #1
First play from scrimmage -- a 54 yard SCORING PASS to Braylon Edwards.
Michigan 7, San Diego State 0. 13:30 in first quarter.

San Diego State #2
Third play - Ernest Shazor INTercepts at the 11:39 mark, returns it to the Michigan 19.

Michigan #2.
Michigan gives it right back in the first play -- Henne's arm is hit as he throws, and SDST INTercepts and runs it to the U-M 18.

*San Diego State #3
Following their interception and long run back to the U-M 18, SDST SCORES three plays later at the 10:37 mark.
Michigan 7, San Diego State 7. 10:37 in the first quarter.

Michigan #3/San Diego State #4
Exchange of punts.

Michigan #4
*Michigan takes the ball at their own 27 with 7:28 left in the first quarter, and 9 plays later Garrett Rivas kicks a FIELD GOAL.
Michigan 10, SDST 7. 3:45 in the first quarter.

*San Diego State #5
San Diego State starts on their own 9, and on third down Roy Manning sacks/STRIPS the ball and Lawrence Reid returns it for a TOUCHDOWN.
Michigan 17, SDST 7. 2:51 in the first quarter.

*San Diego State #6
On the second play SDST completes a 61 yard pass ... and on the next play completes a HALFBACK PASS for a TOUCHDOWN.
Michigan 17, SDST 14. 1:30 2:51 in the first quarter.

Note: Mike Hart has 2 carries for 9 yards (4.5 yards per carry)


Michigan #6/SDST #7. Exchange of punts

Michigan #7
With Clayton Richard at quarterback, U-M gets two first downs, but Braylon Edwards FUMBLEs after a pass completion at the U-M 39 with 8:56 left to play.

*San Diego State #8
Three plays after recovering a Braylon Edwards fumble, SDST scores.
San Diego State 21, Michigan 17. 7:57 in the second quarter.

Michigan #8/SDST #9
Michigan and SDST return punts.

Michigan #9
On the third play of the series, at the U-M 46 with 2:40 to go, Henne throws an INTerception when Jason Avant falls down.

San Diego State #10
After driving with two first downs, Michigan's Alex Ofili forces a FUMBLE at the U-M 24 with :46.

Michigan #10
Michigan misses a 49 yard field goal at the buzzer.

At the half, SDST 21, Michigan 17.
Note: Mike Hart has 6 carries for 42 yards (7 yards per carry).


Michigan #1.
*Michigan drives 79 yards in 10 plays, capped with a 10 yard SCORING PASS to Braylon Edwards.
Michigan 24, SST 21

San Diego State #1.
SDST is SACKED by U-M and then punts.

Michigan #2
With 5:36 to go, Garrett Rivas misses a 30 yard field goal.

San Diego State #2/Michigan #3. Punts exchanged.

San Diego State #3.
SDST misses a 46 yard fielf goal with 13:16 in the 4th quarter.

At the end of the quarter, it is STILL SDST 21, Michigan 17.
Mike Hart: 5 carries for 23 yards (4.6 yards per carry)


Michigan #4
Henne throws INTerception off the hands of Tim Massaquoi.

No more scoring. Michigan gives up a SACk in possession #5.

The highlight of the quarter: Michigan #6. With 1:20 left, on a 3rd and 10, Mike Hart runs for the first down at the U-M 22 yard line, and Michigan is able to run out the clock.

Mike Hart in 4th quarter: 12 carries, 51 yards.
Final score: Michigan 24, SDST 21.


Overall Michigan had 327 yards, 148 yds rushing, 179 yds passing.

Turnovers: Michigan was "minus two" for the day.
- Michigan created 2: one interception (Shazor); and recovered one fumble (Manning.Reid) for a TD.

- Michigan made 4:
Henne threw 3 interceptions, one leading to a score. And Braylon Edwards fumbled, which leads to a score.

Sacks: UM 2, SDST 1

Rushing: Michael Hart: 25 carries for 121 yards (4.8 yards per carry).

Passing: Henne: 11 for 24 (46%) for 162 yards (14.7 yards per completion), 2 TD's, 3 ints.

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