More Coach Carr on Hart, And Hart Himself

For the 2nd home game in a row, the first guy into the post-game presser was a true freshman (when is the last time THAT'S happened? Never?)! After the Miami game it was <b>Chad Henne</b>. This time, <b>Michael Hart</b>. Here are comments by Carr on Hart (different comments than used in the Carr presser article below), on starting two freshmen at two key offensive spots, and on what U-M has to do overall to improve.<br><br> And Mike Hart comments on his play -- and on his friend Chad Henne.

Coach Carr:

"I really like the way they (Michigan) fought today, coming out of a tough loss and down three at the half. This team fought like hell."

On playing a freshman both at quarterback and running back:

"It is what it is ... Experience is a great thing, but it is hard to get without some suffering."

"What we have to do is play to our strengths. The coaches have learned a lot so far this fall -- and ourjob as coaches is to come up with a game plan that gives us a chance to win."

Carr on Mike Hart:

"Mike is not the biggest guy -- he is only 5-9, and about 190 now -- he was 170 when he came here on a visit two summer ago -- but he is slippery ... and he has a big heart ... ... ... don't you get it? Hart has a big Heart! That run he made on third down at the end of the game ... it was well blocked, but you have to give him credit as well -- he found a way to get it done."

"He has a lot to learn about blocking, and we'll see how durable he is with the pounding he'll get in this league. But when you hand him the ball, he has been good from Day One. He gets good leverage, he bends his knees, he's tough. He has excellent hands. And he WILL become a good blocker."

"You worry with a young running back -- will he go the wrong way, will he go the wrong way on a play where he's blocking."

"And you don't want opponents' defense to know that when a young guy is in there we'll be running ... but for now ..." (this is referring to the fact that the older backs have learned to block as time goes by ... so when Mike is in the worry Carr expressed is does that signal a run, and when the older backs are in does it signal a pass play, etc.).

"But remember -- we had another young guy come here a while back who was just about is size. Everyone thought he was too little -- and he started every game for four years, beginning with the first game of his freshman year! He set all the rushing records, and those records lasted a long time! That guy was Jamie Morris."

On what Michigan has to do to improve:

"We have to learn to take care of the football on offense."

Mike Hart:

"I wasn't nervous."

On whether he's been told he's the starter:

"I've been told that I'd play, but not that I'm starting or anything like that. There are several of us who are getting carries, and I just got more carries this time."

On what he has to improve on:

"My blocking. Actually I have a LOT to improve on."

On whether he (Hart) and Chad Henne have talked about both being freshmen, etc.

"Yeah, we talk. Chad and I have known each other pretty well for a while, so we have talked, yeah." [Big Smile]

[Note: RECRUITING FANS know that Hart made his summer unofficial visit to U-M -- where he went home and committed -- the weekend after the 2003 U-M Camp (around the 20th of June) ... when Mr. Chad Henne just happened to be there with his parents as well. So the two got to know each other at that time. What a happy coincidence -- little did either know that BOTH would commit soon (Henne of course first had a return 'visit' from U-M QB coach Loeffler who went to Pa. and worked Henne's coach's summer camp ... then he committed not too long after) and, even moreso -- little did ANYONE know that BOTH would be freshmen starters!]

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