Monday Presser Highlights (Week 4/Iowa)

<p>Coach Lloyd Carr and players discussed the team heading into the Iowa game. Amongst the topics were Mike Hart, Henne&#8217;s growth at QB, Jake Long, Pierre Woods, and the health of a few injured Wolverines.</p>

On the status of David Underwood, Scott McClintok and any other injured players:

“David missed some practice last week and I think based on what I see and what I know, he’ll be fine. I have not talked to the trainer today about any of our other injury situations, so I really don’t have anything else to say.”

On if Jerome Jackson is the starter for the Iowa game since he is listed 1st on the depth chart:

“The thing about those depth charts is they’re issued on Monday. They are as much as we know at that time based on practice…based on injuries…and based on a lot of things.”

On if enough was learned about Mike Hart to warrant being named the starter:

“I think we learned that he’s durable. When you carry the ball, particularly in your third game as a true freshman, 25 time, I think it says a lot of things. Number one, the confidence the coaches have in you. I think Fred Jackson obviously has a lot of confidence. That’s why he had him in there. He did not fumble the football. He had very very few missed assignments. He made good cuts. He got to where there was room to run. Then when he did make cuts, I thought he ran very aggressively. So from that standpoint, I think you know he has a lot to build on. But it’s one game.”

On if Pierre Woods’ injury is getting any better and if it will continue to limit his play:

“You should ask Pierre that. I can’t tell you. I think, obviously, he has been impacted by it. That’s something that every guy has to deal with. Some of those nagging injuries are more painful than others. For example, a groin injury, a shoulder problem, or hand problems. It’s not going to hurt you to play. The question is how effectively can you play? Then it’s up to a coach to decide if someone else is better who has less experience, but he’s healthy. Those are all things that factor in. Then, how much discomfort can you play with? Those are all things that Pierre is confronted with…that a lot of guys across the country that are playing this game are confronted with.”

On Clayton Richard’s time in the game and if he foresees using him in the same way throughout the season:

“First of all, when a guy goes in in the middle of the second quarter, the game is on the line and there is more pressure on him. You get an opportunity to see how he handles the communication part of it, how he handles himself in the huddle and in the pocket, does he make the right reads, how does he execute, how does he perform. Even though it may not seem like a lot…I don’t know how many snaps he got in there…but every one is an opportunity for him to get better and it’s an opportunity for him to learn some things. I don’t know what to tell you as far as what we’ll do as we go forward here, but anytime you can get a guy experience it’s very beneficial to you, your team, and the whole thing.”

On if Leon Hall will start:

“Well, I think we’ll have to see what happens in practice this week. I think the biggest thing we’ve got to do defensively, in terms of getting to be the type of consistent and well performing defense, is to eliminate big plays. That comes with doing the things you’re supposed to do. Lining up where you’re supposed to line up. All of those things. Leon Hall came in here a year ago as a true freshman and played through a nagging shoulder injury throughout the season at a high level. He missed most of spring practice with surgery, but he has performed extremely well throughout the fall and in the games. He is a competitive guy and a smart guy.”

On Matt Gutierrez’s status:

“I don’t know what the prognosis is. I have no idea other than to go on a day to day basis. Last Wednesday he threw the ball. He did not throw the ball particularly well compared to where he was before he began to be bothered by the soreness.”

On where Henne has seen the most improvement:

“I don’t know that there is just one. A great example is his next to last play there. We have a formation there called victory where we’re just trying to take a snap, take a knee, and get out of there. Of course Chad took the snap, backed up, and let some 250-pound guy run him over!. The things that he has learned just to begin with…I promise you he is much more comfortable in the huddle. He feels better about managing THAT. Getting the play call…getting the signals…or getting a wristband call read to his teammates. It may not sound like much, but when you’re trying to do it and you know in the back of your mind that the 25-second clock is running and you’re worried about making sure as you go through that that you don’t get ahead of yourself and leave a word out. There have been a lot of things that have happened to him from that standpoint that he ‘s much more comfortable and confident with. When he gets to the line of scrimmage…checking off. Staying with a run as opposed to going to a pass or are we going to run here instead of over here. When the ball is snapped I think he would tell you that he has gotten more comfortable with his reads. We were talking to him yesterday and Scot Loeffler told him, ‘this is not easy for a fifth year guy.’ It’s never going to be easy. Hopefully it’s never going to be any harder than it is right now. Considering all of the things that it takes to play that position and the pressure that comes from the expectations, I think he has really handled himself well. I think he is a guy that his teammates like because he’s a down to earth guy. He just wants to win. He just wants to do the best he can do to be the best quarterback he can be, and you always like a guy like that.”

On if Henne was just supposed to take a knee:


On what Jake Long did to earn the start:

He’s 330 pounds and more than anything else I think it was his physical presence. His ability to block the down linemen and knock people off of the line of scrimmage…really, since he has been here. I think there are other things that he is going to have to work on. But fundamentally, if you want to run the football, he gives you kind of size, strength and power it takes to get some movement. I think that’s one of the things we lacked in that first game and it’s not just at that position. I think Mike Kolodziej is going to be a good football player. It was just a matter that in practice he (Long) did some things that indicated that he was ready to play and he has got some things that certainly he can improve on, but I think his performance was good.”

On Prescott not playing and Chris Graham getting time at LB:

“Prescott came up in practice with an injury there that kept him out of that game. It was not anything else. So Chris got an opportunity. I think he played five snaps at the linebacker position. He has done a great job on our special teams, particularly our kickoff team. He is one of those guys, except he’s a true freshman…size-wise he is even a little bit bigger than Dhani and Ian Gold, but he is the same kind of guy. He is a high-energy guy. A guy that really gets to the football. He seems to always find a way to end up around the ball. I think that’s really the first mark you want in a linebacker. A guy that instinctively can diagnose plays.”

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