LB Rico McCoy: U-M In Top Three

GoBlueWolverine's Pa. correspondent Gene Hankerson spoke in person to both LB <b>Rico McCoy</b> and DL <b>Callahan Bright</b> for us. They both sound promising regarding Michigan -- and Bright is a surprise!

First LB Rico McCoy ('03 U-M Camper, 6-1, 215 lb.s, 4.55 in the 40, 2. GPA) from Washington D.C. St. John's College.

Rico McCoy gave us an interview after his team (St. Johns) came all the way to Pa. to get a thumping to Downingtown East, which features top Penn. Junior QB Pat Delvin.  Rico didn't play, but cheered his team on from the sidelines the whole game.

Rico, I see you didn't play tonight, can you tell me what happened and when?  "I sprained my thumb in last week's game."

Even though your team lost tonight, I noticed that you were constantly talking to your teammates, and trying to keep them fired up.  "Yeah, I had to talk to my team, had to let them know that I couldn't be out there with them."  It's a team game, not saying that I wouldn't have made a difference.  I probably would have made a difference, but not a big difference like that.  I let them know that they stayed together through that loss, and they played til the end.  I'm not even mad that they loss, I'm just mad because I couldn't be a part of it, and help them out.  I couldn't go down with my boys!  This team is like a family, and I know they expected me to be their.  But well move on, we will get over this.  We got some new coaches this year, but I got faith in them."

If you were able to, tell people that haven't see you play, what they might have seen out here tonight?  "I would have been powering the run, and playing that middle (linebacker).  I might even had got couple of picks tonight."

How is your recruitment going so far?  "It's good!  Ohio State, Michigan, and probably Miami, that's my top three.  "I think when it all comes down to it, that's it right there.  I'll probably be taking some visits soon.  Two or three of my visits are supposed to be in December, you know after the season.  But yeah, right now it's Ohio State, and Michigan."

So what do you think of the University of Michigan?  "Winning tradition, and when I went up to Michigan, their facilites were nice.  I went up there to Michigan during the summer of my sophmore year to their camp, and it was just incredible up there, off the hook!  It's really sweet!"

So when it comes time to make your decision, will Michigan be factoring in to your equation?  "They will be there, no doubt.  Michigan will be there til the last hour, I'm telling you."

Rico was back in action this weekend versus St. Josephs.


Next DT Callahan Bright (6-2, 315 lbs.,4.9 in the 40) from Harriton, Pa., Bryn Mawr ... TheInsiders' #2 prospect.

Callahan Bright interview after he was ejected, during his team's(Harriton) loss to the Steel-High Steam Rollers.

I noticed that tempers began to flare tonight, and I'm guessing that you got caught up in the heat of the moment.  Can you explain what happened with you?  "I wasn't even trying to start no drama.  I tackled the guy, then he threw the ball at me.  So I'm like alright, I'm going to chalk that up.  So I went to turn around, then #70 pushed me.  So now I'm like hold up man, I mean come on."

People were saying that you were on top the player, and that you were punching him, is this true?  "Nah, I just tackled him and picked him up.  "My leg weighs more than him, know what I mean.  I didn't do nothing like that."

Lets get back to football.  Where does your recruitment stand at right now?  "I don't even know, everything is wide open right now."  "I'm just keeping it basic, know what I mean.".  "I'm trying take everything step by step."

Is there a top ten right now, or list of favorites?  "No, not right now."

So how many offers are you up to right now?  "Right now I'm sitting at 61 offers."

The word has been spreading for a week now that you attended Penn State's game versus Akron.   Was there anything to that?  "No, I just went up to State College with my buddy.  You know that I'm a recruit, so I knew that I could get some tickets."

So it there an interest in PSU?  "I mean Penn State is a great school!"  Right now I'm not sure if it's for me, but I'm going to set some visits up and see what happens."

Has Michigan been in contact with you at all?  "Yeah, Michigan offered me a scholarship earlier in the year, and I've talked to the coach


Which coach did you talk to?  "To be honest with you, I don't know.  I've talked to so many coaches lately." But they did offer you a scholarship?  "Yes, they offered me."

So are the Wolverines on contention?  "Oh yeah, definitly!  It really is wide open."

You are from Philly correct?  "Yeah, right outside of Philly."

So are you familiar with the name Marques Slocum?  "Yeah, that's my boy!  He's considering Michigan too."

Are you two looking to go to school together?  "It's possible.  Maybe it's the luck of the draw."

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