Penn's Top Junior QB Has Wolverine Interest

GBW recently brought you a Rico McCoy interview from our Pa. correspondent Gene Hankerson, following Washington DC St. John's game with Downingtown, Pa. East, which features Pa.'s top Junior quarterback, <b>Pat Devlin</b>. Gene also interviewed Devlin after the game.<br><br> Does Devlin have U-M interest? What do you think?

With Rico McCoy on the sidelinews with an injury, Downingstown East thumped St John's 30-6.

After the game, GBW correspondent Gene Hankerson talked to Downingstown East's quarterback Pat Devlin (6-4, 205 lbs., who threw for 3,000 yards as a soph.).

What are your thought's on tonights game? "I had a little bit of trouble, I wasn't stepping into my ball tonight. All the players were running good routes, and the line was blocking great. I don't know, I just couldn't get the ball to the wide receivers tonight."

I know it's very early to be talking about recruiting, but have any schools offered you a scholarship yet? " I don't have any offers yet, so I'm just keeping my options open right now."

So there are no favorites, or a list of top schools for you? "Nah, any school is good for me, I'm not going to rule anybody out."

What about Penn State? "Yeah, they're in there. You know they are the home state school. They will always be in it."

Has Michigan been in contact with you? "They've sent me a couple letters, and invited me up to a game. I can't make it up there because I have games on Saturdays."

So do you know what you're looking for in a school? "I'm not sure of what of what I want to do in college yet, but I'll be looking for any school that specializes in what I can do after I get out of college."

You seem to be a little different than most kids your age, that believe they will play professional sports for a living. "You know the chances of getting to the NFL aren't that great, so you always want to have that back up plan in case things don't pan out."

So will the Wolverines be a factor in you recruitment? "Yeah, I think playing in front of that many fans would be amazing! "I bet there's no feeling like that in the world." Yeah, they'll be there too, just like Penn State."

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