Grady's Rushing Streak Ends.....Or Did It?

The East Grand Rapids football team lost to Lowell Friday night, 51-22. The loss ended the Pioneers winning streak at 31 games. The Red Arrows also appeared to have ended <b>Kevin Grady, Jr's</b> consecutive 100-yard game streak. However, there is some dispute as to just how many yards the Michigan-bound Grady gained that night.

Streaks come and go. This appears to be one year they go for some programs. Concord, Calif. De La Salle's National record 151-game winning streak, going back to 1991, came crashing down this year in Washington. The Lowell Red Arrows put an end to East Grand Rapids, Mich. High School's 31 game winning streak in a decisive 51-22 route Friday night at Red Arrow Stadium in Lowell.

One week after setting a new mark for consecutive 100-yard rushing games, it appeared Kevin Grady's streak had also come to an end. Reports were varied, Lowell listed Grady as having 98 yards, others put the tally at 97, some had him at 96. However, the East Grand Rapids staff believes the true number keeps the streak alive. "I believe he had 104 yards," said a member of the Pioneer staff in an e-mail to GoBlueWolverine Magazine. "I'm having two (Grand Rapids Press) reporters over this afternoon to review the film with me."

The reaction of the local press to the controversy was less than enthusiastic, if you're a Kevin Grady fan. One reporter wrote, "scramble for unseen yards diminishes everything he has accomplished. It's like begging." To read the entire article click here.

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