Best Guess List: The Inside Linebackers

Michigan's biggest ILB need is 'OLB speed'. Three recruits (or four) is approximately the right number for ... one signee in the end. And as of Sept. 24, Michigan does lead for one.

'Speed' Inside Linebackers
Needs: 1 (or 2)
Commitments: 0
Recruits: Brandon Logan, Rico McCoy, Derek Nicholson, Nick Harris (see S)

Michigan's biggest ILB need is 'OLB speed'. Three recruits (four counting Harris) is approx. the right number for ... one signee in the end.

- U-M reported leads for: Brandon Logan (Probably fall visit, ‘02 & ‘03 U-M Camper, US Army Combine stats: 6-0, 189 lbs., 4.72 in the 40, 11 bench press reps., 26 inch vertical jump., 2.5 GPA/17 ACT) from Lexington, Kent., Catholic. Brandon did not attend the '04 U-M Camp because of a hamstring injury, but he is a two-time Michigan Camper and has a U-M offer. He attended a 2004 Spring Practice. As of late Sept. U-M leads for him, followed by Tennessee and Clemson (fall offic. visits, along with U-M) as well as Florida, Kentucky, Louisville. He plans to make unofficial visits during the season to all his favs. He is TheInsiders' #72 South prospect.

- Rico McCoy ('03 U-M Camper, 6-1, 215 lb.s, 4.55 in the 40, 2. GPA) from Washington D.C. St. John's College. In mid-Sept. he told us U-M and OSU will get official visits (and lead, along with with Miami) and probably Tennessee and Pittsburgh ... also in the mix is Syracuse (where his brother Reggie a freshman defensive back). As a junior he made 120 tackles and five sacks. He is TheInsiders' #76 prospect.

- Derek Nicholson (6-0, 230 lbs., 4.6 in the 40, 340 lb. bench press, 32 inch vertical jump) from Winston Salem, N.C., Mt. Tabor. As of med Sept. he still lists (in no order) Michigan, Florida State (brother plays LB for ... leader??), Notre Dame, Clemson, Georgia, Virginia Tech, MIami and North Carolina (dad attended). We expect U-M to make the final five and get an official visit. He attended the U-M Spring Game. He is TheInsiders' #71 prospect.

- Safety/possible linebacker Nick Harris (Sept. 30 official visit, LSU Nike stats: 6-2 1/2, 209 lbs., 35 inch vertial jump, 4.2 sec. shuttle, 12 bench press reps.) from Alexandria, Louisiana. He has a U-M offer and is making an official visit Sept. 30 for the MSU game. U-M is in his top two or three with A&M (camp, sept. 18 official visit), and then LSU (camp, Sept. 4 official visit); he also has official visits scheduled to Nebraska (Oct 2., needs to reschedule) and Oklahoma (Nov. 13). Note: don't call him a linebacker! He wants to play safety!


The Overall Needs (unofficial):


QB-------------0 or 1----0----------------------------Bass (see WR)

RB-------------2---------2 (Grady,Simpson)

WR------------2 or 3----2 (Manninghm,Savoy)----Bass,Lymon

OL-------------3 (or 4)--2 (Schifano,McAvoy)-----Zirbel,Moosmn,Slocum,Richardsn

DT-------------2 or 3----0-----------------------Taylr,McKinny,Slocm,Moor,Green

DE/OLB/TE---1 or 2------1 (McClaurin)--------------Dickson,Joppru,Butler,Powers

ILB------------1 or 2----0----------------------------Logan,McCoy,Nicholsn,Harrs

S---------------0 (or 1)--0-----------------------------Harris
CB-------------3----------1 (Sears)-------------------King,Harris,Evans,Pegues

P---------------1----------1 (Mesko)

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