Michigan 30, Iowa 17. The Drives; Key Stats

Michigan beats Iowa by turning four Hawkeye turnovers into toudhdowns.<br><br> Here are the game drives, and the key stats.

The Drives.

Iowa #1. Iowa drives 76 yards for the TD at 11:31

Iowa 7, Michigan 0.

Michigan #1. Starting at the Michigan16 ... Tim Bracken FUMBLES on the Iowa 24.

Iowa #2. Three and out.

Michigan #2. 3:48 from the Michigan 38. After three first downs, U-M kicks a 46 yard field goal with 13:59 in the second quarter.

Iowa 7, Michigan 3.


Iowa #3. Three and out (Michigan SACK by David Harris and Lamarr Woodley
) Michigan #3. Three and out.

Iowa #4. Starting on the U-M 20 with 9:51, after a first down, Iowa FUMBLES at the Michigan 42.
Michigan #4. After a Shazor fumble recovery at the UM 42 at 8:36, U-M strikes with a 58 yard pass play from Henne to Braylon Edwards.

Michigan 10, Iowa 7.

Iowa #5. 8:28. After two plays Iowa throws an INTERCEPTION to Leon Hall at the Iowa 40.

Michigan #5. After a Leon Hall interception at the Iowa 40, Michigan scores in two plays 2 plays ... the first a short pass over middle to Braylon Edwards that he took39 yards down to the 1. Then Chad Henne snuck it in at the 6:34 mark. Extra point missed.

Michigan 16, Iowa 7. 6:21.

Iowa had the ball two more times (and Pat Massey had a SACK), and Michigan once, but no more scoring in the first half.


Michigan #1. Three and out.

Iowa #1. After 5 first downs in a row, Iowa kicks a 25 field goal. Michigan 16, Iowa 10. 9:56.

Michigan #2. Three and out.
Iowa #2. Three and out.
Michigan #3. Two first downs, then punt into the Iowa end zone at 2:36.

Iowa #3. Starting at the Iowa 20, two plays later Iowa FUMBLES and Scott McClintock at the Iowa 23 at 1:50.

Michigan #4. Starting at the Iowa 23 at 1:15 and aided by two Iowa offsides penalties, Michigan Hart carries for two runs of 6 and 7 yards to score a touchdown at 00:09.

Michigan 23, Iowa 10.

Iowa #5. First play Iowa FUMBLES again and Leon Hall recovers at the Iowa 29.


Michigan #6. After the Iowa fumble. Starting at the Iowa 29. Four plays later Mike Hart runs 17 yards but fumbles at the goal line; Iowa recovers in the end zone.

Iowa #6. Starting from the U-M 20 with 13:43. On the third play Iowa throws INTERCEPTION; Grant Mason intercpets and returns at 11:44 for the touchdown.

Michigan 30, Iowa 10.

Iowa #7. Iowa starts from their own 20 at 11:44, Iowa has a long touchdown drive (Alex Ofili had a SACK).

Michigan 30, Iowa 17.


Some Key Stats

Michigan had 93 yards rushing, 236 passing, 329 overall.
Iowa had negative 15 yards rushing, 270 passing, 255 overall.

Michael Hart had 26 carries for 99 yards (3.8 yards per carry)
Chad Henne was 16 for 26 for 236 yards and a touchdown.
Adam Finley averaged 46 yards on 6 punts.

Iowa committed 5 turnovers ... 3 fumbles, 2 inerceptions ... all but 1 fumble resulted in Michigan touchdowns.
Michigan lost 2 fumbles, neither of which resulted in Iowa scores.

Iowa had 4 sacks, Michigan 3.

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