Post Game Presser: Coach Carr, Mike Hart

Coach Carr on Mike Hart, Braylon Edwards, the defensive front. And Mike Hart on his performance.

Mike Hart on his diminutive size (5-9, 190 lbs.): "Football is a game of leverage. Whoever gets the lowest gets to the endzone."

Mike Hart on his fumble. "I had the ball wrapped up and well protected, but I tried to extend it out to the end zone as I was going down and I got stripped."

Coach Carr on the fumble: "He made a great run to get down there. When you make extra effort, sometimes those things happen."

Coach Carr on Hart again: "If he's not the starter, he's close. He took a big step today."

Coach Carr on Braylon Edwards: " We wanted to throw it deep and take some chances. Chad Henne has the arm to get the ball deep. The biggest play of the game was that ball that Braylon took away from the defender. It was a perfectly thrown ball actually, but the defender was playing way back ... Braylon found a way to catch it for a touchdown. Braylon can take the ball away from a defender. He's a weapon who impacts how the defense plays us."

"The thing we're going to see now ... is the doubling of Braylon. Defenses will rotate over to him. If we can run the ball as well it'll help keep defenses honest."

"The thing about Braylon -- he wants to score every time he gets the ball. When we watch the film we see that he starts running before he catches the ball. So sometimes he takes his eye off the ball -- and most of the time he still catches it. I'll take the ones he DOES catch ... and we'll take a few drops."

Carr on turnovers being created by the Michigan defense this year. "I've had some great defenses, but I've never had a defense that created as many turnovers as this year so far."

Carr on the move of Bass to center: "He played center all summer. Moving him gets Leo Henige in there. It gives us a chance to have a powerful line, to get a lineup in there that is physical. If we can run the ball we can stay out of third and longs."

Carr on Adam FInley: "He is punting as well as any punter we've ever had here. Against good defenses, the field position he can get us is key. Finley is also as smart as any guy I've ever coached."

Carr on the defensive front: "Lamarr Woodley is getting comfortable out there. And Larry Harrison is improved guys on the team -- he is learning to use his hands. And Gabe Watson ... I could feel him out there today -- he was a presence today."

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