King Returns at Midnight, Dad Talks To GBW At 8 AM

Penn. cornerback <b>Justin King</b> and his parents were in Ann Arbor for Justin's official visit this past weekend. GoBlueWolverine talked to Justin's stepfather and head coach, Terry Smith, bright and early this (Mon.) morning.

As Michigan recruiting fans know well by now, U-M's top cornerback recruit for this year is Justin King (Sept. 25 Iowa game offic. visit, '04 U-M Camp Visitor, 5-11, 182 lbs., 2003 PSU Nike stats: 4.29 in the 40, 3.72 sec. shuttle {best of camp}, 37.1 inch vertical jump {best of camp}, 11 bench press reps., 3.0 GPA/900 SAT) from Monroeville, Pa., Gateway. King is TheInsiders #7 prospect.

We spoke at 8 AM this (Monday) morning to Justin's stepfather and head coach, Terry Smith, who told us:

"We drove to Ann Arbor so his mother and I could come along too. So we left Ann Arbor late Sunday afternoon and got home around 11 PM last night. Justin went right to bed."

The first thing everyone wants to know of course is, did Justin commit?

"No. This was his first official visit. He has visits scheduled to Florida (Oct. 2) and USC (Oct. 16), and Penn State (Nov. 16). And Ohio State was at his game last weekend, so Ohio State is a possibility as well ... that one is up in the air."

How do you think the visit went?

"It was a good visit. We've been to the campus so many times before -- 6 or 7 times -- that this one was pretty much like any of the others ... except Michigan paid for the expenses of course."

What did you get out of this visit that you hadn't from the others?

"For Justin, the one difference was he got to spend a lot more time with the players ... after the game, on Saturday night. His host was Steve Breaston, and Ryan Mundy (Ryan says he's okay, not injured) was there, and Marlin Jackson. But he got to spend time with the other players as well, and he was able to get a feel for campus life at Michigan."

Chris Richards and his dad were there for Chris' official visit as well. Did Justin get to know Chris?

"Yeah Justin actually spent quite a bit of time with Chris. And we were with the Richards quite a bit, we were together at the game and we went to eat together. So we got to know Chris' dad as well."

"And of course we spent a lot of time with Coach Carr, and Coach English, as well as Coach Loeffler."

What did the coaches tell Justin?

"They showed him the depth chart. There's an opportunity there for Justin ... he would have to come in and make the best of it of course. But, there is a corner spot open next year."

Do you think the visit made Justin more comfortable with Michigan?

"We really didn't have chance to sit down and talk about it yet. The weekend was so busy, and once we got home we went right to sleep. But, it was a good visit."

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