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Coach Carr

Monday Presser Highlights (Week 5/Indiana)

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On Pat Sharow: "Had an injury towards the end of training camp, but has not responded. He had surgery two weeks ago and it does not look like he will return for the season. He is out for the year"

On Tim Jamison: " The doctors in looking at his knee. He had some problems early in training camp. He got some treatment the knee responded and then he came back, but he's reinjured it. He's going to have surgery, which means he's going to miss the rest of the year. The good news is he will be eligible for a medical redshirt, so he wont lose any eligibility."

On Markus Curry: "He had a injury that really hampered him. He maybe could have played in a emergency last week The reason he didn't play was because of the injury, and not it has been reported that for other reasons.”

On Jacob Stewart: "Jacob Stewart has, since he's been here, been hampered. A year ago he missed some playing time with a pulled hamstring. He's reinjured it and I don't know what his status will be. But he's got some issues there that we have to get straightened around."

On Matt Gutierrez: "Matt, last week, had a MRI arthoscope where they put the dye in and where they can get a very very good look at what’s going on in that shoulder. Our Doctor has visited with Matt's father and they have talked about the injury. Matt and his father are going to make a decision at some point here on what options they are choosing to explore here"

On Carl Tabb: " “Carl was hampered by an injured hamstring throughout the spring. When he came back in the fall he fought some of that, he still wasn't a 100%. Last Wednesday in practice he banged himself, but I’m very hopeful that his role is what he wants it to be because he's a very capable guy."

On whether Matt will be able to redshirt: "No, not to my understanding. No because he already had his redshirt year. Now if his first redshirt year had been because of a medical issue, then he would eligible for another, which would create a sixth year of eligibility issue. But as I understand the rules right now, that is not an option for him."

On whether Matt's options are strictly medical: "Yea"

On Mike Hart has won the starting tailback job: "I don't have that answer right now as far as who will start at tailback, but I think there’s a good chance, depending on how he practices, that he will start."

On whether it's easier to start a freshman running back as opposed to other positions: "I don't know about easy, I think defensive football has really changed, even since Anthony (Thomas) was here. I mean the fronts and the zone blitzes. Not that it was easy when he was here because it isn't. I think some of it would relate to what kind of an offense he ran in High School. If he ran an offense that is similar to what you’re running in college and some of the plays were the same…if you run a two back offense and you run the off tackle play, he's run that play a lot… and then the maturity of a young man. Michael has that. He and Chad (Henne)…neither one of them are excitable. They have control of their emotions and they both have great work ethic Michael was here all summer and I think he's really well liked by his teammates. is it easy? I would never say it's easy.”

On the issue of playing time when he is recruiting: " It depends on who the guy is. There are certain guys that you recruit that a part of your recruiting is telling them, this is where I see you. If you don't have a plan for every guy you’re recruiting, then you shouldn't be recruiting them. I try to tell them exactly what my plan is, and sometimes they may not be interested because they don't like my plan. I can't tell a guy that he's going to come in and start at right guard if David Baas is the right guard. I can say look, we will redshirt you and you'll have a chance here to be a four year starter. In Chad Henne's case, what I told him is this; we did not have a quarterback that had any significant playing experience. He knew that the only quarterback that had any experience was Matt Gutierrez, because at the time, Spencer Brinton…his eligibility had expired. It wasn't until later that he decided to apply for a 6th year. He knew Clayton Richard was here and that Clayton Richard would have the advantage of one fall and one spring practice. He saw an opportunity and I tried to tell him what that opportunity was. The same is true of Michael Hart it's almost identical. Chris Perry had taken almost all the snaps and gained almost all the yardage and we had some guys coming back, but none of them significant experience and so, you want to take a shot at it?”

On Steve Breaston: "He's not back to where he was. He's not 100% and I think Saturday we were one block from going all the way. I think he's got a very good team around him and obviously when your preparing for us. You’re going to really do everything you can to emphasis to your team to teach your team that this guy can beat you. There's no question he has everybody’s attention."

On Adrian Arrington and Jamar Adams: "Adrian Arrington…we decided based on what he did in the fall to play him. I think Adrian's role will increase as we go. He's really done some impressive things in practice. He's learning everyday. He's gaining in his understanding of the routes and the things were asking him to do. He only got in there on three plays on Saturday, but when he did, he went in there and blocked people he went in there and tried to do aggressively the things we asked him to do. So I think his role will grow some.”

“Jamar Adams…with Jacob Stewart having a problem, that impacted that. The other thing is Jamar for the past two or three weeks in practice really did some impressive things. I called him in and asked him, and he wanted to play. So you'll see him on some special teams and the experience he can get from here on out will be well worth it.”

On David Underwood: "David is fine. We'll just have to see how practice goes, but I expect him to play this week."

On Baas moving to center: "I told him back in the spring before we started, I said look, I want you to work some at center because there's a possibility there and we want to be prepared if we need you there. What do you think? He said fine. Now I don't think he envisioned it happening. Yhe point is nobody made David Baas. I wouldn't order a guy to move and play somewhere he didn't want to play."

On Max Martin seeing playing time: " Max has had a very very good two weeks of practice. We've gotten him a lot of work and I think he's a guy were going to give an opportunity."

On who would hold if Matt cannot: " Adam Finley would do it."

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