Justin King Loves Visit; Does Michigan Lead?

Cornerback <b>Justin King</b>, TheInsiders #7 prospect, made his official visit to Michigan this past weekend. After playing phone tag with Justin all day Monday, GoBlueWolverine caught up with him last night.

The stats for cornerback Justin King from Monroeville, Pa., Gateway: '04 U-M Camp Visitor, 5-11, 182 lbs., 2003 PSU Nike stats: 4.29 in the 40, 3.72 sec. shuttle {best of camp}, 37.1 inch vertical jump {best of camp}, 11 bench press reps., 3.0 GPA/900 SAT.

King is a softspoken sort, and a man of few words. But he was happy to talk about his visit.

So now that you've had a day to think about it, how did the visit go?

"It was a great visit. I'd give it a 'ten'."

You've been to Michigan several times now. What did you see at this visit that you hadn't seen before?

"I got to know more of the Michigan players. And spend more time with them. I got to hang with them, around campus and in the dorms. I got to see what things are like at Michigan without football."

What part of the visit did you like best?

"That was it. Hanging with the players."

So who did you spent time with?

"Steve Breaston was my host. And Ryan Mundy and Marlin Jackson. And Chris Richards was on his visit too and he was with us. Chris and I got to know each other. I didn't know him before, but we became friends. And Leon Hall was with us too."

[Note: Breaston and Mundy went to Woodland Hills High School, just a couple miles up the road from Gateway ... and King attended school in the Woodland Hills district through grade school. And Marlin Jackson is from Sharon, in the Pittsburgh area as well.]

Your stepdad said the coaches showed you the depth chart.

"Yeah. I knew before that Marlin and Murcus Curry were leaving after this year. But they spelled that out for us."

How did your mom and stepdad like the visit.

"My mom -- she liked it."

How about your stepdad?

"He'd been there so many times before, so it wasn't new to him. He knows the team pretty well."

So what did YOU think?

"Well, I'd say I got more comfortable at Michigan."

Would you say Michigan is the team to beat now?

"No. I wouldn't say that. I've got Florida coming up this weekend (for an official visit). And USC two weeks after that. And Penn State November 2nd. So I'm staying open for my visits."

Are you going to visit Ohio State?

"As of now, no."

And your decision?

"I'll announce my decision the week after my Penn State visit, on November 15th."

King will graduate from high school at Christmas, and enroll in college in January -- giving him a chance to go through spring practice next April and get a 'leg up' at whatever college he picks.

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