Bass Talks About Leader, Visits, & More (Part 1)

<p><strong>Antonio Bass</strong> is one of the top targets remaining on Michigan&#8217;s board. The talented athlete hasn&#8217;t had much time to focus on recruiting with his own season going on, but he has been paying attention to how the teams on his list are doing. In part 1, he talks about that, his season, and more.</p>

Talk about how your team has been doing?

“Our team has been going all right. We had some real tough games along the way. They have all been down to the wire…every single one of them. We've been going against some real hard teams. In our division there isn't one team that isn't difficult. They all have certain degrees of difficulty that they bring to the game. We've just been going neck and neck with all of the teams, but sometimes we come out with the short side of the stick.”

How do you think you've been doing individually?

“I think my season is going pretty well. I would like to throw the ball a little bit more, but the coaches are a little bit nervous about the receivers catching the ball, and he doesn't want that to hurt the offense. We had a little bit of trouble earlier with catching the ball, and we don't want that to happen. But other than that, I think it's going ok.”

Is this your first year playing defense?

“Yeah. It’s my first time since middle school.”

How is that experience for you?

“It's different. I'm always seeing things on the offensive side of the ball. Then, seeing it differently by going defense…’I gotta go after that guy!’ That’s not me! (Laughing).”

Do you like it out there? Do you like hitting people, or would you rather have your hands on the ball?

“I would rather have my hands on the ball. I've seen it both ways and would I rather have my hands on the ball. I can make things happen that way.”

Obviously, you are pretty involved in your own season, but do you pay attention to how the college teams on your list are doing?

"I do. For instance, Syracuse…they were getting smashed the last time I watched! That made me say, ‘I don’t know about all of that!’ (Laughing). But I do look. Michigan and VA Tech are doing well. The teams that I picked are doing pretty well."

We’ve talked a lot in the past about if you'll go to the next level as a quarterback or an athlete. Have you put any more thought into that?

"Yeah. I want to play quarterback. There is no doubt about that. But it's not like I won't broaden my options. Whatever suits me best. If I pick a certain place and I try out for quarterback and it doesn’t fit me so well, I could go out for receiver and that might fit me better. So, my options are open."

Do you pay attention the recruiting classes of the schools you're considering?

"Not really. I'm pretty much occupied with this. Maybe after the season I will look at it a little more."

I talked to your mom recently and she said you are going to be playing basketball this season. You guys have a pretty good team?

"Yeah, we have a pretty nice team. Freshman year we went undefeated. We’ve got to bring that back. It's our last year, so we might as well go out with a bang."

What position do you play?

"The 3. Small forward."

Are you going to start, come off of the bench, how is that going to work for you?

"It depends. I didn't play last year so that is going to hurt me a little bit. If I don’t start, I’ll probably be the sixth man."

In one of our previous conversations you mentioned getting together with Stan Edwards to work on your training? Have you had the opportunity to do that with all that is going on with school, sports, and recruiting?

“No, I talked to him about some things and he gave a video and some instruction on some exercises and things like that when I went to meet with him, but we haven’t had the time to get back together.”

Have you spoken with Braylon any?

“Yeah. Braylon…that dude is crazy (laughing). I like him. He’s direct with it. He’ll tell you exactly how it is, and those are the kinds of people I need.”

Look out for part 2 in the next hour or so. In it, Antonio goes in depth on leaders, visits, and more.

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