Michigan Pulls It Out, 27-24!

Minnesota kicked a field goal to go ahead of Michigan 24-17 at the start of the 4th quarter, but then U-M put the clamps on the Gophers defensively and scored 10 final stanza points -- capped by an 87 yard TD drive in the final three minutes of the game to score the winning touchdown!<br><br> Here are the drives, and the key stats.

The Key Drives:

Minnesota #1
3 and out.

Michigan #1
Michigan takes the ball at the 12:33 mark, starting from their own 25-yard line.
After 3 passes to Braylon Edwards and an 18-yard run by Mike Hart, U-M scores a TD on an 8-yard run by Hart at the 9:39 mark.
Michigan drives 65 yards in nine plays.
Michigan 7, Minnesota 0.

Minnesota and Michigan, then Minnesota again trade punts.

Michigan #3
Michigan takes the ball at the 4:05 mark, starting at the U-M 45-yard line.
After passes from Henne to Mike Hart, Tim Massaquoi (2) and Braylon Edwards -- but with a potential highlight long TD pass to Braylon just off his fingertips -- Garrett Rivas kicks a 38-yard field goal at the :42 mark.
Michigan 10, Minn 0.

Minnesota #4
Minn. starts at their own 20. On the first play, Laurence Maroney runs 80 yards for the TD at the :30 mark.
Michigan 10, Minnesota 7.


Michigan #4
Michigan takes the ball at their own 24-yard line. After a long drive of 14 plays, Henne throws a 4-yard TD pass to Edwards at the 10:34 mark.
Michigan 17, Minnesota 7.

Minnesota #5
Minn. starts at their own 20. Following a 40-yard pass to Ernie Wheelright, Minnesota scores a TD eight plays later on a 19-yard Marion Barber run, at the 7:32 mark.
Michigan 17, Minnesota 14.

No more scoring in the half.

THIRD QUARTER: The quarter of U-M turnovers.

Michigan #1

Minnesota tries an onside kick, U-M takes over at their own 45. But Henne throws an interception at the U-M 47.

The teams trade punts, but Minn. gains field position (U-M's 2nd punt was from their own 3).

Minnesota #2
Minn. takes the ball at the U-M 35. Five plays later Minnesota completes a 26-yard TD pass, at the 8:33 mark.
Minnesota 21, Michigan 17.

Michigan #3
U-M takes the ball at their own 20 and drives to the Minn. 35 in 10 plays (including 31 yards rushing by Hart to go over 100 yards for the game). But Henne throws his second interception (in the end zone) of the game and of the quarter on a long pass attempt to Edwards.

Minnesota and U-M trade punts.

Minnesota #4.
Minnesota starts at their own 15 with 1:15 remaining in the quarter.


Minnesota #5.
Minnesota punts it at end of possession #4, U-M (Leon Hall) fumbles punt at the U-M 10.
[Third U-M turnover in the third quarter plus 1 minutes]
Minnesota kick 27 yard field goal at the 13:44 mark.
Minnesota 24, Michigan 17.

Michigan #6
Michigan takes the ball at their own 20 at the 13:14 mark, and drives to the Minnesota 7-yard line in eight plays (including five runs by Hart for 35 yards). Michigan is stopped and Rivas kicks a 29 field goal at the 9:36 mark.
Minnesota 24, Michigan 20.

Minnesota - Michigan - Minnesota punts it back and forth.

Michigan #8 -- The winning 87 yard drive!
Michigan starts at their own 13 with 3:04 remaining.
First down. Short pass to Hart -- gains first down and out of bounds.
First down, U-M 23, 2:57 left. Complete to Avant over middle to U-M 43.
First down, U-M 43 ... 2: 47 remaining. Incomplete pass.
Second down, U-M 43 ... 2:42 remaining. Complete to Avant over middle to the Minn. 40.
First down, Minn. 40, 2:30. Complete to Edwards for eight yards.
Second down, Minn. 32. 2:05. Complete to Tyler Ecker on 10-yard pass, who runs it in for the winning touchdown! 1:57 left.
Michigan 27, Minnesota 24.


Key stats:
Unofficially, Ernest Shazor had five tackles for loss, and Gabe Watson had two-fourth quarter sacks and Pat Massey one when U-M put the defensive clamps on Minnesota after they had taken the lead 24-20 early in the final quarter.

Michigan had 194 yards of offense in the 4th quarter, to 45 for Minnesota.
Michigan had 515 yards (328 in the air, 190 on the ground) to Minnesota's 334 (156 passing, 189 rushing).
Michigan had 3 turnovers, Minnesota 0.

Individual stats:
-- Chad Henne: 33 for 49 for 328 yards, 2 TD's and an 2 interceptions.
-- Mike Hart: 35 carries for 158 yards and a TD.
-- Braylon Edwards: 10 receptions for 98 yards and a TD.
-- Mike Hart: six receptions for 53 yards.
-- Jason Avant: Five receptions (including two tough first catches over the middle in the last drive) for 77 yards.
-- TE's Tim Massaquoi and Tyler Ecker had seven receptions between them, including Ecker's game winning TD catch.

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