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Monday Presser Highlights (Week 7/Illinois)

Highlights from Coach Carr's Monday Presser. Among the topics coveres were teh recruitment of Chad Henne, the status of Matt Gutierrez, and the Illinois Fighting Illini. Plus <b>Ernest Shazor</b> named Def player of the week.<br><br> <p><strong><em><font size="3">Full transcript added.</font></em></strong></p>

Shazor Named Defensive player of the week.

Full Presser Transcripts:
Coach Carr

On the recruitment of Chad Henne

"I give Jim Boccher great credit in recruiting Michael Hart and Chad Henne. But I think the real plus in terms of the recruitment of Chad Henne was Scot Loeffler. Scot deserves all of the credit because I think he developed a kind of a relationship with Chad. I think we have a history here. We've got some guys in the NFL that are having a lot of success at quarterback, and I think the kinds of things we're doing offensively…if you really want to develop, this is a place where your skills are going to be maximized. You're going to have a chance to play with outstanding players at receiver because that's all part of it. If you go somewhere there is no system...if you go somewhere where there aren't people around you that have ability, then it's much more difficult because it is still a team game. I think all of those things played into it. I went down there I think three times. I visited with his coach, I spoke at a banquet in the spring prior to his senior year, and then I went back again last winter after he made his commitment. But I think all of he credit goes to Jim, who got off to a great start with him, and of s course Scot Loeffler and Terry Malone showed him the things that he could do here."

On Leo Henige getting a 6th year

"I would think that he could, I won't say that he could, but I won't say that he will because of when this happened. But if you look at what he's been through, in my judgement, that's what the sixth year is meant for"

On how Matt Gutierrez is doing:

"I think Matt is doing extremely well under the circumstances. I think you'd have to ask him. But from what I see, he is a guy that has always impressed me as a tough-minded guy with a great work ethic and a sense of who he is. I think he is handling this disappointment as well you could ever handle anything. I think he has hope that this thing will turn around for him. I do think after watching him throw a week ago last Sunday evening that he had some more soreness this week. I don't know what the future holds here…and I'm talking about the immediate future. I think they're consulting other medical people in the field. That's all I can tell you. I've tried to tell you from the beginning. I've heard some of these stories that are just unbelievable, and I've just tried to tell you everything I've known since the first day. That's kind of where we are. I can't tell you I know exactly what is going to happen because I don't."

On the offense Saturday:

"I think if you take that game…when I looked at the statistics after the game I was very surprised that we were over 500 yards. I knew we had had some great drives. We had 94 plays. The difference in time of possession was almost 15 minutes. So, it is very obvious that we were doing some very good things. The problem isn't that we aren't doing a lot of things well. The problem is we're doing one thing very poorly, and that's taking care of the football. "

On Illinois:

"I think their offensive line has really improved over where it was a year ago. Babcock I think is an excellent player. They're rushing the football extremely well. I think that's particularly true when you look at both Halsey and Thomas. Halsey I think is leading the Big 10 in all-purpose yardage. That is an impressive statistic. They get the ball to their fullbacks. They're very patient. They've got two tight ends there so they love to throw the football off of play-action and control the football. Defensively, Mike Mallory…who of course played here at Michigan, is their new coordinator. They're playing very hard. They've got the second best punter in the Big 10 conference statistically, and he is back from a year ago. So there's the makings there of a good football team. Beutjer is a sixth year quarterback. He has been there forever and knows the offense in and out."

On the importance of Gabriel Watson in the 3-4 and him commanding double teams:

"If you're going to run the 3-4 defense that's what you need. Obviously we've got good depth at linebacker, but that defense begins with a nose guard. If you've got a nose guard in that defense, you've got a guy that can go quickly to the side the ball is run to. A lot of times it forces the guard and center to what we call scoop, or double-team him. Gabe is so big and strong that eventually one of those guys has got to come off and block the linebacker, so if they stay on him the linebacker is free. If they come off too soon, he's free. That's the beauty of that defense. I think Gabe has made a really difference in there, and hopefully he'll continue to do so."

On if the defense would have switched to a 3-4 if Gabe weren't around:

"In my judgement it would have been very very difficult to do that without him because that's the key. You've got to have linebackers, but you can go to that defense and if you don't have a nose guard, you aren't going to be very effective."

On getting Jeremy Van Alstyne back

"It's such a disappointment to lose any player. Jeremy was certainly a young guy that had earned a starting position in the spring. This guy has an energy about him...an intensity. If you see him off the field he quiet and unassuming. You wouldn't pick him out in a crowd as being a tough, competitive, intense football player, but that's what he is. So it's just a wonderful thing to see him come back and play some this year because he was going to lose the year of eligibility because he has already redshirted."

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