Antonio Bass Enjoys Michigan Visit

Jackson (MI) QB/ATH <strong>Antonio Bass</strong> made his first trip to a Michigan game this season and came extremely impressed. Did the visit shake up his leader board?

How was your visit?

"It went pretty good. It was an unofficial. I got there too late to do anything beforehand, so I basically just watched the game. After that, I went in the locker room and met with the other recruits and talked to the coaches. I can't remember all of their names because there were so many, but I did talk to Coach Carr."

Did they talk to you about committing?

"Yeah (laughing). I knew that was going to happen. I dealt with it the way I always deal with it. I just said I want to wait."

How did your Mom like it?

"She liked it a lot. My cousin did too. I brought along my cousin and a couple of friends."

What were your impressions of the game?

I was sitting right behind the bench. Oh man…it was a really great game! I'm really glad I went to that game. It was a good one the whole way through."

Did they talk to you about setting up an official visit?

"Yeah. I might but I don't know."

If you don't make it back for an official, do you think you'll make it back for another game?


Did the visit do anything to clear up your leader situation, or is it still 'Michigan Tech'? (For those that missed last week's interview where he referred to his leader, click here.)

"(Laughing). I don't know. I think it's still Michigan Tech. I'm probably going to go on an official visit to Michigan, but probably not until after my season."

GBW will have more on Antonio in the coming weeks.

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