MSU Game Visits Growing- Is There a Mystery Guest?

So far there are six top recruits planning to come in for <b>Michigan State game</b> visits (Oct. 30th), including THREE for official visits that weekend.<br><br> And, yes, there is also a big-time 'mystery visitor' scheduled ...

Yes, there is a 'mystery visitor' scheduled for the MSU game, for an official visit ... someone who is not on our Best Guess lists and hasn't been at least since spring. We won't say who it is, but it will be a big, and very pleasant, surprise -- and a guy who would meet a key U-M recruiting need!

Official Visits Scheduled:

- Cornerback/running back Victor Harris (Oct. 29 MSU game official visit, 6-0, 185 lbs., 4.45 in the 40, 2.8 GPA) from Highland Springs, Vir. grew up a U-M (and Miami) fan. As of early Sept. U-M and the home state schools may lead. His final six are: Maryland, Miami, Michigan (Oct. 30 MSU game offic. visit), USC (Oct. 16), Virginia and Virginia Tech (Dec. 11). He is TheInsiders' #25 prospect.

- Safety/linebacker Nic Harris (Oct. 29 MSU game official visit, LSU Nike stats: 6-2 1/2, 209 lbs., 35 inch vertial jump, 4.2 sec. shuttle, 12 bench press reps.) from Alexandria, Louisiana. He is making an official visit Oct. 29 for the MSU game. U-M is in his top two or three with LSU (camp, Nov. 20 official visit, leader?), A&M (camp, Sept. 17 official visit); he also has official visits scheduled to Nebraska (Nov. 26) and Oklahoma (Sept. 10). Note: don't call him a linebacker! He wants to play safety!

Planned Unofficial Visitors:

- The once-and-hopefully-future commitment: Defensive lineman James McKinney ('04 U-M Camper, US Army Combine stats: 6-1 1/2, 274 lbs., 5.10 in the 40, 14 bench press reps., 24 1/2 inch vertical jump, 2.7 GPA/17 ACT) from Louisville, Kent., Central. He plans unofficial visits to U-M for the Minnesota game. He is NOT going to graduate in Dec. He will make official visits to Michigan (Dec.), Clemson (Nov. 19), Nebraska (Nov. 26) and Oklahoma (Dec. 10). In late Aug. he told the Louisville Courier-Journal that U-M still leads. McKinney was a full week U-M camper, and worked out at both tight end and defensive lineman. McKinney and another top U-M recruit, Ky. LB Brandon Logan, are cousins. He is TheInsiders #75 prospect, and has been chosen to play in the U.S. Army All-American Game.

- James McKinney's cousin, linebacker Brandon Logan (‘02 & ‘03 U-M Camper, US Army Combine stats: 6-0, 189 lbs., 4.72 in the 40, 11 bench press reps., 26 inch vertical jump, 2.5 GPA/17 ACT) from Lexington, Kent., Catholic. He plans to attend the MSU game for an unofficial visit. As of late Sept. U-M leads for him, followed by Tennessee and Clemson as well as Florida, Kentucky, Louisville. Brandon did not attend the '04 U-M Camp because of a hamstring injury, but he is a two-time Michigan Camper. He attended a 2004 Spring Practice. He is TheInsiders' #72 South prospect.

- Offensive lineman David Moosman (Dec. 10 official visit, '04 U-M Camper, 6-3, 260 lbs., 5.3 in the 40, 360 lb. bench press, 2.9 GPA/26 ACT) from Libertyville, Ill. Moosman plans to attend the U-M/MSU game. David, Dan Doering and Dace Richardson all attended the U-M/Notre Dame game. In early Oct. he said Wisconsin (camp, Dec. 3 official visit) and Michigan (Dec. 10; camp) both lead slightly over Iowa (Dec. 17; camp), Notre Dame (Jan. 15; camp) and UCLA (late Jan.; he has family in LA). He'll make a late decision. He is TheInsiders #17 Midwest prospect.

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