Post-Game Quotes; Mike Hart & The Record Book

As you can imagine, a lot was said after the Illinois game about the Wolverines' Diaper-Dandy running backs.<br><br> And, here is where Hart's 234 yard performance fits on U-M's all-time single game rushing yardage list.


Coach Carr:

"That wind was unbelievable. I was really surprised either team could throw the ball as effectively as they did, because the wind was really a factor. It was particularly a factor in the kicking game."

Coach Carr on Mike Hart:

"He wants the football. "It's an amazing thing. If you told me before the season that this kid could do the things he has done and play the number of snaps. ... Max Martin down the stretch will get some carries. We're delighted with the way they're playing."

Michigan assistant Coach Fred Jackson on Hart:

"The thing about Mike, you don't get a whole lot of clean shots on him. You're not getting beat up unless you're getting hit. The only time I think a back is getting beat up is when I see the linebacker tackle him — that doesn't happen to him a whole lot, and that's why I don't feel uncomfortable with him in there for 40 snaps. If my back is one-on-one with a defensive back, I say, hey, he's in good shape."

"He's very strong. That's one of the things a lot of people don't know about him. He's not small, he's just short. He's 195 pounds, and if you're 195 pounds and you can see the field the way he can see the field, that helps his deception."

Mike Hart:

"We knew it was going too be real windy, so we knew we were going to have to run the ball. It was pretty hard to throw the ball out there. The wind messed up a lot of passes today."

"Our line did a great job opening up holes for Mike Hart and Max Martin," said Henne. "They ran hard and that's what you need from them."

And regarding the U-M coaches: "You want the ball every time. They're starting to get a lot of confidence in me. It just gets better and better every game. It's a lot of fun."

"I still haven't gone the distance, for a 50-yarder. That's what I need to get done."

David Bass, kiddingly, on Hart's stature:

"Look at him — he's like 4-5."

Coach Carr on Max Martin:

"I'm very encouraged because Max Martin got some good carries in there today, and I really like the way he ran," said Carr, who didn't play a third tailback. "He'll gain confidence from this."

Braylin Edwards on Max Martin:

"The one thing that Max is doing now, he's finally getting into his own rhythm, and when a player gets into his own rhythm, he can be dangerous. Max has been playing exceptionally well the last couple weeks of practice. I believe early on as a young guy, a freshman, you're kind of timid. You're trying to do everything exactly by the book so that you allow yourself a chance to play. Once you get into the groove of things, it becomes just like it was in high school."

Max Martin:

"I could have done a lot better. I'm going to keep getting better."

Coach Carr on the U-M defense:

"We've put them in really bad positions and still expect and hope they'll find a way to keep people out of the end zone. McClintock made two really big plays (interceptions). He's paid his dues here. What I like is that as a fourth-year guy here, he's having his best year."

Ernest Shazor on the Michigan defense:

"Our mentality changed in the second half. We just came out saying they weren't going to score again. We shut them out in the second half and that was our goal."


Michael Hart's Place in the Michigan Record Book: The Top Wolverine Single-Game Rushing Performances.

The official tally for Hart was 234 yards on 40 carries (5.9 yards per carry). Here's where he fits in.

1. Ron Johnson: 347 yards (31 attempts, 11.2 yards per carry) vs Wisconsin on Nov. 16, 1968.
2. Tim Biakabutka: 313 yards (37 attempts, 8.5 yards per carry) vs OSU on Nov. 25, 1995.
3. Jon Vaughn: 288 yards (32 carries, 9 yards per carry) vs UCLA on Sept. 22, 1990.
4. Ron Johnson: 270 yards (26 carries, 10.4 yards per carry) vs Navy on Oct. 7, 1967.
5. Butch Wolfolk: 253 yards (39 carries, 6.5 yards per carry) at MSU on Oct. 10, 1981.
6. Tyrone Wheatley: 235 yards (15 carries, 15.7 yards per carry) vs Washington on Jan. 1, 1993.
7. Jamie Morris: 234 yards (23 carries, 10.2 yards per carry) vs Alabama on Jan. 2, 1988.
And the next freshman on the list ...
80. Harlan Huckleby: 157 yards (18 attempts, 8.7 yards per carry) vs Northwestern on Oct. 18, 1975.

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