GBW Sits Down With K'len Morris

GBW correspondent <strong>Andre Barthwell</strong> has been covering <strong>K'len Morris</strong> since his days at Redford and has seen the young man's game grow tremendously. Recently the two had a discussion regarding how things have been going since the Grand Blanc star made the pledge to become a Wolverine.

You would think that since K’len Morris has committed to the University of Michigan, he would kick his feet up, let everyone pat him on the back, and say “Now I can relax a little.” Even his dad wondered how he would react to his commitment. Well that wondering has turned into awe. “He’s working even harder than before,” Mr. Morris said! K’len is currently working with speed and fitness trainer, Mike Jordan, to help him with his quickness, speed and jumping. According to those in the know, he has vastly improved in all three categories. It doesn’t stop there. He has lived on the basketball court in his spare time, working on his ball-handling and shooting. As a matter of fact when we contacted K'len last Tuesday he was in the gym putting in work before the Grand Blanc girls’ basketball game. Needless to say, he isn’t resting on his laurels.

With all that’s going on with K’len, we decided to check back in and find out how his summer went, how his high school team will look this year, and if he has completely adjusted to life in Grand Blanc after leaving Redford Union.

The last time we talked, you had just committed. How has it been going since the announcement?

“Really well and good. It has given me more time to focus on school. Everyone is really happy about it except for my biology teacher who graduated from Michigan State”

I hear that right when you accepted, your mom's phone rang and it played the UM fight song.

“Yeah, my sister had just gotten home from a vacation and called and the ringer played the fight song. Coach Amaker had a smile on his face about that."

I also hear that you had an uncle that graduated from Michigan and that your mom put up U of M banners in your room as a kid.

“Yeah, when I was really young in about 3rd grade, she painted a block M on the wall. I had the Michigan wall paper and flag. She bought everything including notebooks pencils…anything she could get her hands on.

You are really close with your family. How did they help you with your decision?

“My dad and I are best friends and I wanted to stay close to home so he could see me play. My mom has been to all my games and she is a big Michigan fan, so it was important to stay close to home”

Talk a little more about why decided to commit?

“Being close to home was big and the education was huge. The relationships with the coaching staff and the players were also very important. It is just like a family and I love it there. Coach Moore is really a cool and fun guy and he has a great sense of humor. Coach Amaker is really laid back and cool. He gets on your case, makes his point, and moves on. Our coaching staff is like one in a million. That’s hard to find anywhere. The combination of coaching staff and player togetherness is second to none."

How do you think your summer went with AAU and summer camps?

“It went very well. I surprised myself. I didn’t think I would receive that much attention. Everything came so fast and I had a couple of good tournaments and the letters started to roll in. I had more letters than my parents had bills."

Can you give me 5 players that you were impressed with this summer?

“Definitely. DeShawn Sims, Bobby Frasor, Nolan Smith, Zach Gibson (K'len's teammate) and Greg Oden."

How has the move from Redford Union to Grand Blanc been for you as a student and as a player?

“Couldn’t be better. The situation up here is great. Educationally it is one of the best schools in the state. Our basketball team is developing into one of the top teams in the state. The basketball situation at Grand Blanc is better because Coach Shannefelt is making you a better all-around player. He is giving me more responsibilities in the game and that has allowed me to be more of a leader on the floor”.

It would be easy to relax now that you've made a commitment and haven't even started your junior basketball season yet. What is it that makes you continue to work so hard?

“I want to win a state championship, When I go to Michigan. I want to contribute there and I want to continue to improve. I’ve always wanted to play in the NBA. It’s a goal of mine. Now that I’m going to Michigan, why stop there”

GBW will be following K'len throughout the season.

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