Reynolds High on the Wolverines (Part 1)

<p>Herndon (VA) PG <strong>Scott Reynolds</strong> mad his way to Ann Arbor last weekend and came away very impressed.. The sharp-shooting guard was fabulous this summer and the offers have been piling up, including one from the Wolverines. In part 1 of our two part interview we get word on what the young man thought of his time in Ann Arbor.</p>

Back in April GBW ventured down to Washington DC for the Charlie Weber basketball tournament. While there, two show stopping point guards took us by storm. One was DC Blue Devils floor general Tywon Lawson. The other was Boo Williams Summer League's Scott Reynolds. Reynolds had already made a name for himself on the summer circuit the a few weekends prior at the Boo Williams Invitational. His impressive outside shooting display in Hampton (VA) earned him all tournament honors and had onlookers buzzing. When we saw him in DC, he was just as impressive as we had heard. In one of the contests he lit the opposition up for 30+ points courtesy of another memorable performance from behind the arc.

We had heard what an awesome shooter he was, so we were expecting that type of performance. The thing that impressed us just as much, though, was his ball handling ability. Reynolds is truly a guard that can go anywhere he wants on the court with the ball. His supreme offensive prowess raised questions with us regarding whether he was more of a two than a one. Then a few months later he showed us he could handle point guard duties as well.

GBW was on hand for his excellent performance at the ABCD camp in Teaneck New Jersey in July. Playing primarily at the point guard position, his efforts earned him a spot on the underclassmen All-Star team. He finished in the top 10 in camp in scoring (14.3), led all underclassmen in that category, shot over 60% from the field and over 50% from behind the arc.

GBW reported back in April that Reynolds was high on the Wolverines and that he would likely be a target. However, it wasn't until the ABCD camp that we gained a better appreciation for how interested Michigan actually was. Michigan coaches were seen watching him intently during the camp and sources indicated in the subsequent months that the Wolverines, along with a number of others, were turning up the heat.

The Wolverines had Reynolds and Herndon High School head coach Gary Hall in for a visit last weekend and the young man came away extremely impressed. Coach Hall, (who witnessed his star pupil score 22.5 points, and shoot 53% from the field and 47% from the 3 point line last season), spoke to GBW this past Wednesday about the trip to Ann Arbor. In part 1 of our interview he gives insight on what Scott thought of his time on campus.

How was the visit?

"It was good. He had a great time. They have great kids in their program. Scottie was very impressed with the quality kids that Tommy has brought in. I think that was a concern. Not a concern in a bad way, but you always want to know who your teammates may be. If you're a point guard, you can't help but be impressed with Tommy. He is just such a quality person. It was a very good visit."

What did he do while on campus?

"We arrived late Thursday night, so we didn't do anything that night. He went to a class on Friday. We watched media day. He spent the night with the players on Friday night. He went to practice on Saturday and then came home. He got an opportunity to do a lot of things."

"He spent the night with Ron. I know he had a great time with Brent Petway. After practice on Saturday we spent a lot of time in the locker room just watching the Michigan football game with Amadou Ba."

What schools are on his list at this point?

"This is not anything that is concrete. There are a number of schools that have offered. The schools that have offered that he likes the most and the four schools that he will visit before our season begins are obviously Michigan, Oklahoma, North Carolina State, and Maryland. Schools that have not yet offered, and it's still very early, that are very interested would be Florida, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Louisville and Illinois."

Check back for part 2 shortly.

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