Reynolds High on the Wolverines (Part 2)

<p>In part two of the interview, we learn more about <strong>Scott Reynolds</strong> as a player, his leadership ability, and what the ultimate factors in his choice will be.</p>

In the short time that we've covered Reynolds, his love and dedication to the game of basketball has been extremely evident. This week alone there were a few times when didn't get home until well after 10:30 because of the time he was putting in on the court to get better. Coach Hall shed light on what it is that makes his star guard tick and filled us in on what he thinks will be the significant factors in Scott's decision.

Do you see him as more of a point guard or more of an off-guard?

"I see him as a GUARD. If some coach tries to pigeon-hole him into a position, they're making a huge mistake. He's a point guard. At ABCD that's all he played. But Scottie is not a point guard that is going to bring the ball down, hold up one finger, pass it, and never get the ball back. If you're looking for someone just to be a traffic cop, then he's not your person. That's taking away what he does best. That one of the big decisions for Scottie…and I'm trying to help guide him on this…he has to go into the right system. That's very important to us because he is probably the best shooter in the country."

Is there a player in college or the pros that you can compare him to?

"I would probably compare him to Chris Thomas at Notre Dame. I tell a lot of people that he is Allen Iverson without the attitude, the tattoos…and he loves to practice. I'm talking in terms of his ability to put the ball in the basket and how he plays the game. He's fearless. The other thing is…and I can say this without a doubt…there is no finer kid in America than Scottie Reynolds. He is the kind of kid that as a father you hope your daughter brings home some day. Everyone here at this school from custodians to cafeteria workers, to the principal…you won't find anyone that will say a bad about him."

Would you say that he's a leader?

"There's no question that he's a leader…not just on the court but more so off the court. I'll give you a little example. We go off campus for our strength training. We start that the first week of school. I come to school a week before the kids. Scottie thought that we were going to start the training the week I got in, while I had planned for it to start the week the kids came back. So I get a call from my strength coach and he says, 'hey Gary, there are 30 kids here ready to start today. What should I do with them?' Scottie had called all the kids, got them all together, and had them lifting a week ahead of time…and I didn't even know about it! That's just the way he is. He calls the kids. He takes care of the younger kids. He's the greatest assistant coach you could have."

What do you think will be the significant factors in his choice?

"I think one the quality of people. He wants to be surrounded by people that care as much as he does about the game of basketball because he is an absolute gym rat. He has no tolerance for those people that don't respect the game the way that he respects it. He will not go to a school where there are renegade kids. I don’t mean that in a bad way or to say anything bad about some of the kids out there, but he wants to go to a school that has an opportunity to win a national championship and has kids where that's their goal. That's hard because these days if a kid has a decent year as a freshman, people get into his ear and start talking about the NBA. Scottie is going to be a four-year college player. He doesn't want a coach that is going to tell him how great he is. He wants a coach that is going to challenge and push him everyday because he wants to get better. Those are the things that are important."

"There are some other things that are NOT important. He didn't want to come to Michigan on the weekend of a football game. Those things don't interest him. It's not that he won't attend those things... They wanted us to come out to the Iowa Michigan game. Scottie said, 'hey coach, I'm going to school to be a basketball player. I want to see practice. I don't want to see a football game.' He's not caught up in the weather, he is not caught up in how pretty the girls are on the media guide, or how new the facilities are. All of that stuff is irrelevant. He is a basketball player, he's a great kid, and that's what he wants to be surrounded by."

Does he have a timetable for his decision?

"No he doesn’t. I would anticipate that he'll be done by this time next year and probably before the summer. That's what we're going through right now in weighing the pros and cons and looking at things. Obviously he likes Michigan. He is much more impressed with Michigan now than before he went. That's because the only thing he knew about Michigan was Coach Amaker. That's a great start, but he wanted to know…'how good would we be?' He didn't know much about Michigan's personnel. He was very impressed with the opportunity to play with great young big men. Plus it sounds like their recruiting is going very well."

GBW will have MUCH more on Scott Reynolds in the coming weeks and months.

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