Monday Presser Highlights (Week 9/Michigan State)

<p>In today's press conference, Coach Carr and select players reflected on the 16-14 victory over Purdue and previewed the upcoming Rivalry game with the Michigan State Spartans.</p> <p><em><strong>Full transcript of Coach Carr's comments added.</strong></em><strong><br> </strong> </p>

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Coach Carr

On Michigan State offense:

"Well I think this offense is alot different from the one we just faced even though people would refer to the both as the spread offense, but the ability to run the quarterback as you defense".

On Michigan State defensive line:

"They're the biggest defensive front we've seen"

On Chad's interception in the Purdue game:

"The noise in that stadium was deafening and Jason Avant did not hear the last part of the call so he was asking Chad after the huddle broke what the play was because he wasn't sure. Chad's mindset was on the 25-second clock and he knew it was ticking down and he knew the route was designed to go to Braylon Edwards. Braylon was lined up to the right, Jason on the left so he told Jason to go ahead, hurry and get lined up. But what happened on the play was Jason didn't know what to do. There was a guy that ended up being where he shouldn't have been because we didn't run the route on the backside so Chad will learn from that, let's call timeout."

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