Rico McCoy: Yes, No, Maybe?

Several reports regarding linebacker <b>Rico McCoy</b> from St. John's College High School in Washington, D.C. have ommitted any mention of Michigan. GoBlueWolverine Magazine contact McCoy Monday night to see if the Wolverines have been dropped from consideration.

When speaking with interviewers linebacker Rico McCoy list schools such as Pittsburgh, Ohio State, Tennessee, Miami, and North Carolina. While Michigan appeared to be an early favorite for the four-star talent, the Wolverines have been absent from any lists. GBW spoke with McCoy Monday evening and asked him point-blank if he had dropped Michigan. After about 10 seconds of hemming and hawing he finally, slowly, said, "No, I haven't dropped Michigan; it's just a problem of scheduling."

It was reported Sunday by Scout.com that McCoy set up official visits to Ohio State on Dec. 3, to Pittsburgh on Dec. 10, and to Miami on Dec. 17. Today, Scout.com reported the destination for the Dec. 10 visit had been changed and he will now visit Tennessee instead. "I'm still considering Pittsburgh and I may still visit them, but right now these are my 3 dates," McCoy said.

GBW has learned that there may be other circumstances, which we are unable to reveal at this time, which may play a factor in whether or not the Michigan staff still has an interest in McCoy. The bottom line is that there is no visit set up, and while there is still contact between the two camps, all indications appear to place the possibility of McCoy coming to Michigan as iffy.

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