Rico McCoy's Dad Comments On His Son's Recruitment

GoBlueWolverine Magazine spoke Monday to LB <b>Rico McCoy</b> from St. John's College High School in Washington, D. C. regarding whether Rico would visit U-M in December (no) -- or at all.<br><br> Last night GBW received a call from the father of Rico, who wanted to clarify their interest in visiting Michigan, among other things.<br><br> Michigan recruiting fans will be interested in what Mr. McCoy had to say.<br>

When GoBlueWolverine Magazine spoke Monday with linebacker Rico McCoy from St. John's College High School in Washington D.C., the impression left by the young man based on his response to questions during the interview, plus the absence of any mention of Michigan in recent interviews with others, indicated that there was no strong interest by Rico at this point in the Wolverines (he has official visits set to OSU on Dec. 3, Tenn. Dec. 10, and Miami Dec. 17).

However, Rico's father, Reggie, called GBW's Sam Webb and Don Hoekwater Thursday to further clarify the situation.

Here is what he told Hoekwater.

"What happened is that Coach Campbell wanted us to come on Dec. 3," Mr. McCoy said. "There was a misunderstanding somewhere because the Michigan staff felt like we had committed to visiting on that date. But we had already set up a visit to Ohio State on that date and we couldn't change that; it wouldn't be right to do such a thing."

Mr. McCoy also commented on his son's hesitation when GBW asked him about his interest in Michigan. "You have to remember that though he is a mature young man, he is still only 16," Mr. McCoy said. "With all the confusion as to what is going on with the dates it doesn't surprise me he thought about it for a little bit. But Michigan just called last (Wednesday) night; I was gone and didn't talk to them but I'm sure Rico did, and we are definitely interested in making a visit. We would come in November if that's when they'd have us; we just can't come on the third because of our previous commitment to Ohio State."

GBW had also reported that sources had said there may have been other circumstances that play a factor with the Michigan staff's recruitment of McCoy. Mr. McCoy said that there were no issues preventing his son from attending the college of his choice, nor any reasons why any of the schools now recruiting his son would take pause.

As things stand there is no visit set up at this time. If, and when, one is confirmed GBW will bring you the news.

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