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D.C. linebacker <b>Rico McCoy</b>'s father, Reggie, called GBW's Sam Webb and Don Hoekwater Thursday.<br><br> In part two of GBW's interview with the father of Rico McCoy, he further clarifies with Sam Webb where Michigan stands in his son's recruitment.

The Rico McCoy family has liked the Michigan program for quite some time. Their positive impression was enhanced during McCoy's time in Ann Arbor at football camp last year (2003). "Michigan was Rico's favorite school coming out of that summer, " Mr. McCoy stated. And Mr. McCoy re-emphasized that their feelings about the Wolverines have left an opening for them on his son's final list. "Rico is definitely open," Mr. McCoy said referring to whether his son is still seriously considering the Maize and Blue. "It's just a matter of coming up with a date. We have a hard and fast date for December 3rd with Ohio State, but we're willing to come up with a date to visit. We'd like to visit Lloyd Carr again. We're going to stand by that date with Ohio State, but we're definitely waiting to set a date with Michigan."

Three other programs have moved up to the top of McCoy's list. Visit dates for those schools have already been arranged. Still, Mr. McCoy insisted that Michigan is right there with that group. "I would say that at this point the schools that have been recruiting Rico the hardest are Tennessee (December 10), Ohio State (December 3), and Miami (December 17)," stated Mr. McCoy. "They've been spending a lot of time with Rico. But Michigan is one of the schools that Rico has always been interested in. We just haven't come up with a date."

Recent reports have suggested that the three visits already set would be the only trips that the younger McCoy will set up and that a visit to Michigan isn't likely. Mr. McCoy clarified their position saying that the only thing uncertain with Michigan was/is the date, not their desire to visit Ann Arbor. "That's not true," Mr. McCoy said of reports suggesting that his son now feels Michigan is no longer a likely visit destination. "It's just not likely that he visits Michigan on December 3rd. That's the issue … December 3rd."

The question now is when might Rico visit? With only one home game left on Michigan's end and the month of December booked up on McCoy's end, the possibility of visiting on the weekend of the Northwestern game (November 13) could hypothetically be the most viable option. Even if that weren't possible, Mr. McCoy indicated that it isn't necessary for his son to visit on a game weekend (football or basketball). "The only thing that's left is November," Mr. McCoy said. "We aren't necessarily interested in coming on the best day. We just want to meet. We don't need the big fan fare or the big show. We could even come during the week instead of on the weekend. We just want to see what kind of people the Wolverines are."

GBW will be sure to stay on top of this story.

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