Ouimet On MSU, and On The SBC Deal

Former staffer Mark Ouimet guarantees us that<b>Michigan will handle the Spartans</b> … but first he wants to ‘weigh in' on the SBC U-M/OSU deal fall-through.


"Michigan has already pulled out of the SBC deal for the Michigan vs. Ohio State game.

"President Mary Sue Coleman made the right decision, to pull Michigan out of the deal. Why? The deal was selling the school's name – never a popular thing at Michigan and never an easy sell here – for a minor amount of money.

"They were agreeing to $250,000 a year … that was selling Michigan short. Now if the agreement was for double that, that'd be different.

"Heck, SBC would probably pay $250,000 a GAME to put ‘SBC" on the scoreboard.

"Which brings me to another point. Michigan doesn't need help to make money by involving another school, and/or by overshadowing the school name with the name of a company. Michigan doesn't need OSU to make money. And they certainly don't need to give up the school name for that little amount of money.

"I do agree with the idea that Michigan needs to find ways to make REAL money … they can do that, and by themselves. Heck, they could put in luxury boxes and pay for them in advance by selling them first. I sold a lot of boxes for the PISTONS when I first started out ... if they can do it Michigan certainly could ... way more easily than the PIstons did!

"And for the Blue-Hairs who objected to Michigan ‘selling its name – period' … I say if you don't like that approach, step up to the plate and contribute!"


"Okay, Michigan State.

"This time I'll start with my Prediction: Michigan 28-18!

Michigan's defensive problem is definitely Drew Stanton.

"First of all, Michigan will have same defensive game plan, with 4 DL's, that they had against Purdue.

"Most of all, the Michigan defense has to contain Stanton. He has better running ability and a better sense of pressure than Kyle Orton. And some of his ‘scrambles' are actually designed that way, for him to run, even though it doesn't look like it since he drops back. He's their leading rusher, with 75 yards a game … so lot of those scrambles are designed runs. So Michigan's linebackers cannot drop back into pass coverage when Stanton drops back, because he can take off. Michigan needs to keep someone near the line of scrimmage, someone not getting blocked, keying in on Stanton – a ‘spy'. Michigan will be spying him with a linebacker or with Ernest Shazor.

"Michigan needs to make Stanton throw the ball, and get interceptions. MSU has 15 turnovers in 7 games this year, 8 interceptions, 7 fumbles. That's 2 turnovers a game. If Michigan wins the turnover margin, their chances for winning will be high.

"Michigan also has to keep Stanton off field. MSU is averaging 441 yards a game. So, like against Purdue, Michigan's best defense is their offense. That means Mike Hart having another good day to keep the clock running, to win time of possession. The better day Hart has, the better it'll be for Michigan, both offensively and defensively.

"As far as Hart goes. He does a good job vision-wise, finding the right gap. So teams will change their defenses to eliminate that, and scheme to key on him. So we'll see how Hart finishes the year.

"Hart is not a great back yet … a great back has success after being keyed upon and being stopped, after having a bad game. When Hart gets stopped and bounces back -- then I will call him a great back. Great backs bounce back from adversity, and he hasn't had any yet.

"Defensively, MSU gives up 360 yards. It's not a great defense that we'll be seeing.

"They had success against Minnesota – but that's a one-dimensional offense and MSU just stopped the run. But it points to what MSU will likely try to do against Michigan. I think MSU WILL stop the run if at all possible – they'll put guys in the box and make Chad Henne throw it. Henne has underthrown the ball at times … they'll probably say, 'Make Henne beat us.'

"They'll try to make Henne and Braylon Edwards try to beat them … Braylon has not gotten over 100 yards the last 2 games. So MSU will say, 'If Henne and Edwards connect and win, so be it. But Hart won't beat us.'

"Can Henne do it? Absolutely. This could be his coming out party. But he's only a frosh who's played 7 games, so he will make mistakes.

"Henne, by the way, HAS faced adversity already -- against Notre Dame -- and bounced back. He will be a great quarterback.

A few other things:

"Special teams. MSU DOES have a good kicking game. They have two good kickers, Brandon Fields (49 yards a punt) and Dave Raynor.

"Drew Stanton has passed to 7 diff receivers … Kyle Brown and Matt Trannon, we recruit them both … we recruited Shabaz for a while. And they have Eric Knott and Jason Randle 2 big tight ends. They have improved offensively. Not defensively however.

"DL Kevin Vickerson is a heck of a football player. We recruited him, but he had grade problems in high school. He has 7 sacks. And DL Cliff Ryan – we recruited him for a while too – he has 5 sacks.

"Eric Smith and Jason Harmon are pretty good safeties. Tyrell Dortch plays corner – we took Chris Perry over him. And former Michigan signee Greg Cooper plays in every game, maybe on special teams.

"So they have a lot of players we recruited … we looked at Stanton in the summer before his senior season, but didn't offer him.

"Bottom line. MSU has some defensive talent, but offensively Michigan should be able to put up enough points. And on the other side of the ball Michigan should be able to keep the MSU offense contained.

"Hey – they can make this the GM U-M/MSU game! Just kidding!"

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