Legion Set to Prove he's Among 07's Best

Detroit Country Day's <strong>Alex Legion</strong> is considered by many to be the top player in the Michigan class of 07. GBW correspondent Andre Barthwell has been following Legions career for a very long time and the two decided to catch up prior to Alex's trip to Ann Arbor this weekend.

Alex Legion is a very skilled and talented young player. The talent gap between he and his peers has been growing every year I've watched him (I first saw him in the 6th grade). He continues to grow both physically and in the mental aspects of his game. Al can give it to you in a number of ways. Mid-range game? Check. Three point range? Check. Handles? Check. Court awareness? Check. Defense? Check. You get the point. He is the best player I have seen in the class of 2007 and one of the best regardless of class. He plans to attend Michigan's Maize and Blue scrimmage this weekend so GBW decided to have a chat with him about where things stand at this point and what he wants to do for the upcoming season

Can you describe your game for me?

"I am a laid back, smooth, no trash talking kind of guy. My family keeps me humble. I am versatile, I can handle, shoot, pass, and defend. I really don’t’ have a position but I like the 1 and the 2. I just would like to help my team win."

You attend Detroit Country Day, the school that produced Chris Webber and Shane Battier. Is there any added pressure on you because of that?

"It’s good to have people that have had success come before me but I am not trying to ride their coat tails. I just would like to be myself and play up to my capabilities. However, I will use them as a measuring stick to not only to see where I am at but also to motivate myself."

How is your relationship with Coach Keener?

"We have a good relationship I go to him all the time with my homework and basketball issues. I am able to talk to him about things we don’t agree on and he allows me to speak on it without him getting upset about it."

Can you tell us about your high school squad?

"Last year we were a really young team. This year we are young but we have experience. Our top players are seniors Mark Courey and Kyle Holmes, juniors Omar Thomas and E.J. Whitlow and sophomores Darryl Nobles and myself. Look for big things from freshmen Darnell Brown (one of the top freshmen in the class of 2008). He will add scoring to the team. He has a nice mid-range game and he is a good defender."

What are some of your goals for the season?

"To stay on the honor roll for the whole season. I am carrying a 3.1 right now and I expect that to go up. For our team to play together so we can get the job done. I expect to win a state championship this season. Individually, to be 1st team all-state and to show I am one of the best players in the country regardless of class. Those are the things I expect to do this season."

Can you tell me what style of play you like?

"Movement. I like a motion offense. I don’t like to just run and gun. I like a offense that you can show a little creativity so what you can do."

On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, where is Michigan on that scale?

"They are a 3 right now. I don't have a list of schools, but they are one of my favorites."

How many letters from various colleges have you received?

"I have received over 50 letters from schools in the Big Ten, SEC, ACC and all over."

Are there any players on the Michigan hoop squad whose game is similar to yours?

"Yes Lester Abram's. He is a versatile player and he is real smooth. He is a laid back player he can do a lot of different things. I also like Daniel Horton’s game."

You and O.J. Mayo (who is one of the top players in the 2007 class) are pretty cool. Can you talk to us about that?

"Well we have played against each other before when I was 13. He had 22 and I had 18. Then we saw each other at the Reebok ABCD camp this summer and exchanged phone numbers and we talk about 2 times a month. We kick it about working out, about our high school teams, and about players in the 2007 class. We also talk about playing against each other on our high school teams. O.J. is a cool guy laid back just like me."

Give me players you were impressed with this summer?

"Derrick Caracter, Greg Oden, O.J. Mayo, Daequan Cook Bill Walker."

You are regarded as the top player in your class in the state. How does that make you feel?

"I really don’t think about it because it means nothing if you can’t produce on the court. Besides, with the rankings that is just someone’s opinion. One day you are up and the next day you are down so I just try and stay focused on the things I can control. I just want to keep working hard and the rest will take care of itself."

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