Escaped Nightmare on (Stad. &) Main St:Press Conf.


Marlin Jackson:

"This was the greatest game I've ever been in, and it has to be one of the greatest wins ever at Michigan."

Chad Henne:

"We ran the two minute drill three times. I was hoping we'd run it again with 52 seconds left, but it was smart to run the clock out.

"MSU gave us stuff defensively that we'd never seen ... by the end our coaches had designed plays to counter it.

[During the comeback] "I felt like I had ADD on the sidelines. I couldn't sit still. Braylon came over and said, 'Calm down, we'll get our chance.'"

Coach Carr: :

"To be a championship team you have to be a team that can play from behind. "

Regarding Braylon: "He made catches out there that no one else can make. I've said it before -- he's the best player in the country."

"If Garrett Rivas doesn't make every single kick ... we're not sitting here like this right now."

Regarding Henne: "There was someone else in that uniform running those two minute drills. For the last 7 minutes he was phenominal."

"It was determination and the REFUSAL to give in. I've had some teams here that couldn't have done that. We've play 9 games now, and 9 4th quarter games. But what they did here won't ever be forgotten.

On injuries: "You all saw Mike Hart limp out. He has a thigh bruise, but he went back in. And Jason Avant dislocated his finger, then went back in and made that touchdown catch."

Henne: : " We are glad to have a bye week now, to get our bodies recovered."

Carr: :"This bye-week comes at just the neccesary time."

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