CB Victor Harris Back From Visit: Part Two

Virginia CB <b>Victor Harris</b> is back from his official visit to Michigan over the weekend.<br><br> How did the visit go? What's next for this highly coveted cornerback?<br>

Highland Springs, Virginia, head coach Scott Burton spoke to GoBlueWolverine regarding the official visit this past weekend of his prized player, CB Victor Harris (6-0, 185 lbs., 4.45 in the 40, 2.8 GPA), Scout.com's #25 prospect.


Have you gotten word from him about how it went?

"Yes, Victor talked to me about the visit. He enjoyed it very much.  He was very pleased and very impressed with everything that they had to show him.  His mother and his sister went with him."

What did the visit entail?

"Well, he got there Friday, and I he went to practice that day.  He stayed in the same hotel with the team on Friday night.  Then he went to the game, obviously, on Saturday.  He went out with the coaches for dinner afterward -- the other official visitor (Nick Harris) was there too, so all the coaches recruiting them were involved: Coach Campbell and Coach English for Victor, plus Coach Jackson, and Coach Carr of course. And then Victor hung around with the players Saturday night."

"Sunday he talked to the academic people and met the training staff with the strength coach and all of that.  He also got a chance to sit down with the coaches again, including Coach Carr."

What were his impressions of the coaches?

"The thing he said impressed him was that everything went so smoothly.  He didn't use this word but it seemed to me, after hearing him talk, that they have a very professional type atmospere there.  He said that there were no ups and downs and that everything was just as smooth as could be.  I think that's a testmant to the managerial style of Coach Carr.  He seems very down to earth and Victor is very impressed by that.  He likes discipline and dealing with a program in which he knows what to expect. That's what he got there."

"He had a chance to sit down with Coach English a lot.  He seems like somebody that will jump on you when you need to be jumped on and put your arm around you when you need that too. That's kind of what Macho is looking for  Certainly Coach English is one of the people in the hunt that would meet what he is looking for."


Did Victor talk about interacting with the Michigan players?

"He said he watched Marlin Jackson quite a bit during the game.  He was impressed with what they have their corners do.  He feels like he would be able to adjust nicely to what they'd ask him to do.  He was hosted by Jamar Adams and got to talk with him quite a bit.  He asked very intelligent questions.  He asked Jamar about the major differences between high school and college in terms of shutting down receivers.  He's very observant and astute about those sorts of things.  He looks at these trips as business trips, not as the 'roll out the red-carpet and show me the pleasure" type of trips.  He's trying to get his questions answered and I think he was able to do that."

What is his visit schedule?

"Prior to Michigan he visited USC.  In December he goes Virginia (12/3), Virginia Tech(12/10), and Miami (12/17) on consectuive weekends."

How soon after those visits will he make his decision?

"There's no timetable.  He's very methodical about this process.  He has said all along that he wanted to take all five visits.  After that he is going to sit back with his parents, his family, the people he cares about and that care about him, and digest this before making a decision sometime in January.  He plays in the US Army All-Star game in San Antonio on January 15th, so a decision could be made prior to that or sometime around the game.  I'm not sure."

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