Monday Press Conference

<b>Matt Gurierrez</b> on his surgery, <b>Jeremy Van Alstyne</b> on his recovery, <b>Coach Carr</b> on <b>Mike Hart</b>, the officiating, and the Michigan Defense.

QB Matt Gutierrez (wearing a sling):

On his surgery:
"What they found is exactly what they expected which was a torn labrum and they repaired. So now it's just on the road to recovery."

On how injury occurred:
"There are a lot of different possibilities, but I don't think there's any way to tell for sure how it happened."

On when he started not feeling right:
"It was probably into the 3rd week of camp when I started to have some pain, and felt like my throwing was being affected ... and then it gradually got worse and worse."

On his future at Michigan:
I feel like I made the decision to come here coming out of high school and I want to stick to that decision. When people chose to go to school at a certain place they commit and maybe some people take that lightly, I don't take that lightly. I made a commitment to Coach Carr and the University to come here and I value the education I'm getting right now, and I want to see that through and get a degree from the University of Michigan."

On getting back the starting quarterback job:
"I don't think it's out of the question ... there's always competition, there was competition coming into this season at a lot of positions. And really right now that's not the focus ... the focus is finishing the season and helping the team anyway I can and doing what I'm suppose to do in terms of rehabbing my arm."

On whether he's suprised by the performance of Chad Henne:
"No, I'm not surprised because I see what talent he has, and I know our coaching staff isn't going to put someone out there that they don't trust. We have a great coaching staff, we have a great coach in Scot Loeffler and he's going to get who's ever playing that day ... really anyone who's in the quarterback room is prepared."

Other Quotables by Gutierrez:
"Six to nine months for a full recovery."
"I had Spencer Brinton to talk to about it because it's a similar injury to his."

Defensive End Jeremy Van Alstyne:

On his fast recovery:
"I think it was a combination of a lot of help from teammates that had the same surgery like Dave Harris, and help from Mike Giddelsonand all the athletic trainers. I guess we just took it week by week and never had any set-backs, so it just progressed in such a way that it sped it up."

Coach Carr:

On Mike Hart:
"He'll be fine."

On Mike Hart for Heisman:
"I think the Heisman trophy candidate on this football team is Braylon Edwards. I think he's a legitimate candidate because not only what he's done this year, which is extraordinary, but because of his career records."

On penalties called being called on the Michigan secondary:
"Well unfortunately I think there's alot of complaining that's gone on in this conference from a public standpoint that I think there should have been a stop to it. I think it's unfortunate what has happened. But I do think you pay a price when you're always blaming someone else ... I just think you can't play the game afraid."

"What I understood from our commissioner Jim Delaney to say, you may comment on a call and you may disagree with a call but when you're blaming the officials, I think it's gone way too far. I think it's unfortunate because in some ways it detracts, and the truth is in the final analyst it's an excuse. That's just the way I look at it."

On the Michigan Defense:
"I don't think we tackled well, I don't think we got off blocks well, we made alignment mistakes, we weren't aggressive -- I didn't like the aggressiveness of our defense. We got some major work to do."

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