Saginaw Star Names Leader

One of the top point guards in the class of 2006 was in Ann Arbor this weekend for a visit. The young man was blown away by the entire experience and gave GBW word on his new leader.

Saginaw Buena Vista point guard Tory Jackson made his way to the University of Michigan Friday evening and stayed in town for the football game against Michigan State the next day. His experience while on campus impressed him so much that he can't wait to get back down to Ann Arbor for another visit. He also had some very exciting news for Michigan fans regarding his leader board at this point in time.

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What did they have you do?

"They introduced me to a lot of people. I met some of recruits too. I knew most of them, but I met three or four new ones. I hadn't really gotten a chance to talk to Deshawn Sims like I did the other day. Normally I'm playing against, but we had a chance to sit down and kick it."

What did you think about the game?

"Man, the game was…. MAN! That had everything. I enjoyed myself. When it was 27-10 I was walking out. Then Braylon Edwards caught that long pass and it caught me off guard. They kicked the field goal, so I just sat down in someone else's seat. Then they scored two MORE times and went to overtime! I was just so surprised. It was the best game I've EVER seen!"

What were the coaches talking to you about?

"They just really appreciated me coming down. They want me to come down there a lot more. Not just for football...for ANY occasion "

What coaches did you spend most of your time with?

"Coach Ramsey. He's a funny guy. The thing about him is he can really adjust to the situation. He can be serious when he needs to be, but at other times he was just like one of the guys cracking jokes and stuff."

Did you know any of the players on the team before you went down there?

"I knew Dion Harris a little bit because of the Hurricanes (his and Harris' AAU team). I got to talk to him while I was down there. He's cool people. I talked to him about the surroundings on and off the court. He told me about how much respect the players and the program get now."

Did you get the feeling that they had more interest in you than you originally thought they had?

"Yeah, I was surprised! I really hadn't been hearing from them like that. But when I went down there they were all happy like, 'wow...he came!' I really enjoyed it. It was a good feeling."

Have you thought about where you'll be visiting?

"I can't really tell you at this point where I'll be visiting. All I know is Michigan will be one of them. They'll be one of the schools I use one of my visits on because I had a good time. I'd love to go down there and spend some days there because that one night was fun."

Will you make it down for some any games during the season?

"Yeah, I would love to!"

Do you have a top five at this point?

"It's probably the same. Florida, Michigan, and then Kentucky. Then maybe Miami and Oklahoma."

Do you have a favorite at this point?

"After this weekend, Michigan!"

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