CB Victor Harris Talks Michigan

<p>Last week Highland Springs (VA) head coach Scott Burton to filled us in on <strong>Victor Harris</strong>' visit to Michigan and how he was feeling in the aftermath. Shortly thereafter <strong>we caught up with Victor himself</strong> and he gave us even more insight on his trip to Ann Arbor as well as the factors that will go into his decision.</p>

How did you enjoy your visit?

"I liked it a lot. I try not to get too excited because I want to take all of my visits and see what each school has to offer, but I really did like it a lot.. It was real nice. All I can say about that game is it was LIVE! "

What did your mom and sister think of the trip?

"They REALLY liked it! (Laughing). They showed more excitement than I did."

Who were some of the players that you got a chance to talk to?

"Mainly my hosts Jamar Adams and Morgan Trent. The first night I was there they had a curfew because of the game the next day, so Morgan and I just stayed in the room and played video games. After the game we were able to hang out, though, and we went to a few parties."

Your coach said you paid special attention to the how the DBs were playing out there.

"Yeah, I did. I watched Marlin Jackson a lot. During my sophomore year I was strictly a DB and we played basically that same style of defense…straight bump & run…straight man. I definitely think I could handle it."

What did Coach English talk to you about?

"He talked about me coming in and playing right away. He told me that he couldn't promise me that I was going to start, but he said that I would have a chance. I'd have to come in and earn my spot."

Is playing right away high on your list of priorities?

"Yeah and it looks like I'd have that chance there. It looks like they have some depth, but it doesn't really bother me. I'd get my chance."

You've already been to USC. How does this trip compare?

"They're two different places really. I'm originally from New York and SC really reminded me of that kind of city life. When I moved down here to Virginia it was slower and seemed kind of country. Michigan is kind of like Virginia. I'm not saying that bothers me. That's just what's different about them. Both are great schools and I really like both places. As a matter of fact, I don't think there will be many things on any of these trips that I won't like."

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your Michigan visit?

"It was a 10."

Is there any home state pressure for you to stay in-state because you're a Virginia kid?

"Well, I moved here when I was about 10. The schools themselves, Virginia and Virginia Tech aren't doing that. There are some people around here that say that though."

Is distance from home going to be a factor for you?

"Right now, I don't think so."

Did Michigan come by your school last week?

"Yeah, Coach English came by Friday morning and talked to my coach. Then, Coach Campbell came later in the day and watched my game."

Now that you've been on a few trips, in the end what do you think will be the most important factors in your decision?

"Depth and whether I'll be able to play. Another thing will be the coach player bond. I come from a place where the coach is kind of like a father figure, so I'll be looking for that. Good academic support because without that I think it would be hard to be as successful as I'd like. I'll also be looking to see if the school has my major. I'd like to major in business."

Your relationship with the coaching staffs seems to be key. What have been your impressions of Michigan's coaches?

"I like Coach Carr, Coach Campbell, and Coach English a lot. I'm being real when I say that they are both good guys and I really like them."

Might you make your decision during the Army All-American game?

"No, I don't have any plans to do that."

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