Ouimet on Northwestern

Do the Wildcats have a chance against Michigan? Former Wolverine staffer <b>Mark Ouimet</b> has the answer!<br>

Do the Wildcats have a chance against Michigan?

"No. To be honest, no."

"You know, I was on the staff when Michigan went down to Evanston a few years ago a lost 54-51. The talent they had then compared to now .. it's not equivalent. They had some good players then. I was up in the press box with the off coaches ... hey - we put up 50+ on offense!

"Michigan should be very well prepared for spread. They've played Purdue and Michigan Stats in the last 2 games, both spread offenses. all three spreads are somewhat different, and Northwestern's is different from the others, but still, as far as preparation, there's a lot of similarity. So the schedule worked out to Michigan's favor ... Coach Herrmann will capitalize on that, especially with an extra week of practice.

"Quarterback Brett Bazanez is first looking to hand off, then plass, then he's the 3rd option as far as scrambling that's different from MSU of Purdue.

"Northerwtern averages 23 points a game ... so Michigan should be able to hold them under 20. They average 167 yards a game rushing, so the key is to stop their running back Noah Herron. We recruited Noah when I was at Michigan, he's from Western Michigan ... he spent a day or two on campus ... but when he got offered a Big Ten team, by Northwestern, he jumped on the offer.

"Northwestern doesn't win the time of possession ... so defenses have had success against them.

"They beat OSU in overtime ... because OSU's offense was terrible. Michigan's is productive. Braylon Edwards, Mike Hart ... and Chad Henne is growing into a Michigan quarterback.

"And Northwestern gives up 25 points a game.

"They beat Penn State 14-7, Purdue 13-10 ... they lost to Wisconsin 24-12. I think Michigan's offense is better than WIsconsin's, but didn't have Antoony Davis for that game either.

"Remember I said before the Purdue game that Coach Herrmann would take a lot of schemes Wisconsin used against the Boilermakers. You can bet that can happen again. Michigan will go back and look at the Wisconsin-Northewestern tape. Wisconsin's defense is a lot like Michigan's actually. Bielema, their defensive coordinator, worked with a friend of mine at KSU. Michigan's and Wisconsin's defenses are similar ... Coach Herrmann will look at the Northwestern-Wiconsin game, add a couple of the schemes Michigan uses, and he will have success against the Wildcats. They don't have a wideout that can go against Marlin, and Ernest Shazor will come down and play linebacker again.

"And U-M's offense wil also be productive.

"And Michigan has better talent.

"Northwestern is 5-4, with 3 game left. They need to win 2 to be bowl eligible ... but one won't be over Michigan. Then they play Illinois and Hawaii -- they should win both of them.

"But this game: my Prediction is 34-12."

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