Michigan Still Right There With Deshawn Sims

<p><strong>Deshawn Sims</strong> continues to be a frequent Ann Arbor visitor this fall and his interest in the Wolverines remains high. GBW caught up with his to discuss his list of schools, his leader, and his feelings about Michigan.</p>

I haven't interviewed you since your Syracuse visit. Tell me about it.

"They talked to me about their [journalism] field for reporters, TV analysts those kinds of fields because I'm into that. I'm interested in going into one of those fields. I went to visit their [journalism school], so that was nice. They had their homecoming too. That was fun. I got to meet a lot of people and see the campus when it was full. I also played with the guys."

There has been word circulating that they talk you about playing some 2. Is that true?

"They just mentioned that they were recruiting me to come in as a three. I want to be an impact guy right off the bat."

What's the playing time situation like? Does it look like you'll be able to get in there and play right away?

"I'm not sure. He (Coach Boeheim) and Tommy Amaker are like the two coaches that are really straight up with me. They don't sugarcoat it too much. They told me that they they're looking for me to be that type of guy, but that I've got to want it!"

Where is Michigan recruiting you?

"Michigan is looking at me at both the 3 and the 4."

When we did your first interview back in December you were pretty disappointed that you hadn't been hearing from Michigan as much as you would have liked. A few months later they turned up the intensity a bit and you pronounced them as your clear favorite. However, once we got into the summer around the Nike All-American camp you began to say you no longer had a leader. What changed?

"I'm just experimenting with my choices. I still have a favorite, but I'd rather not say because…you know (laughing)."

Do you have a top list of schools of schools at this point?

"I'll scramble them up, so the order doesn't mean anything. Michigan, Michigan State, Kentucky, Syracuse, FloridaOklahoma. All of those schools have been by my school."

Who would you say is recruiting you the hardest at this point?


Michigan is in on a number of threes and fours right now. With that many high profile guys looking at them are you worried that if you decide wait, that a spot might not be there for you?

"No, they assured me that a spot is going to be there. I'm not worried about it."

Do you still plan on waiting until July to make your choice?


What will be the most significant factors in your choice?

"For one thing, the coach. Also the players that are already there."

When you look at Michigan, what is it that has them high on your list?

"Coach Amaker finds a way for the game to be structured and let you play at the same time. I like the style of play and the offensive sets they run. I hope he would have same type of offense when I get there because I could play with that offense."

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