Jerret Smith Intent on Helping Future Team

<strong>Jerret Smith</strong> held his signing day press conference at the Romulus High School Media Center yesterday. GBW was on hand as the young man made his choice official.

Happiness and smiles were all around Romulus High School Wednesday afternoon, as Jerret Smith put on a Michigan cap and signed his letter of intent on the dotted line. With his nicely tailored black suit, a lavender tie, a pair of stylish black shoes, and a fresh cut, he was the main attraction.

The future Michigan guard was surrounded by his teammates, his parents, and other family members as TV crews from channels 2 and 7 as well as local newspapers looked on. He seemed at ease as he spoke to everyone at his press conference, shaking hands and working the room like a politician.

As we've documented here before, Jerret's journey to this point has been somewhat bumpy (thanks in large part to the doubters that have surfaced over the past few years). None of that, however, has been enough to diminish his joy and excitement over officially becoming a Wolverine. With his signing now out of the way, his focus shifts completely toward his last high school season, where Romulus Coach Nate Oats is expecting big things.

Jerret & Coach Oats

For the second year in a row Coach Oats was being interviewed by the media regarding one of his players signing with Michigan. Like Ronald Coleman before him, the young coach has seen Jerret grow before his eyes. "Jerret has become a much better shooter since he got here," Oats said. "He has gotten used to playing with more athletic teammates. He just makes everybody on his team better. Within the last two months he has taken ownership of the team. Jerret runs drills and conditioning for our team on his own. He has also taken a huge leadership role and has done everything that I have asked him to do. Last year I think he was a bit hesitant to do that as the new guy, especially with Ronnie here. Now he's more comfortable, he's our best player, and the kids will follow him. I am looking for a big year from him”.

Check back later as we'll have much more from Jerret's parents on the entire process. In the meantime, here are a few comments from the young man himself on becoming a Michigan Wolverine.

So how do you feel now that you are a Michigan Wolverine?

“I feel very good about my decision. I felt good 2 years ago when I committed because even then I knew that is where I wanted to be. I am excited because I know Coach Amaker is going to take me to where I need to be”.

Did your family play a big role in you choosing Michigan?

“Yes they played a very big role because regardless of where I am, I will always need my family”.

What role did you play in helping to sign Jevohn Shepherd and Kendric Price?

“I talked to those guys about coming to Michigan but I didn’t want to try to put pressure on them about coming. That might have pushed them away. I am glad that they signed to come”.

What do you feel your role will be when you get to college?

“To work hard, be a leader and help lead our team to a championship”.

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