GBW Correspondent Sees Top Penn. Jr. Quarterback

GBW correspondent Eugene Hankerson (24Gene) has been scouting all the top players in Pennsylvania, and talking to them and their coaches.<br><br> Gene has been out to see junior QB <b>Zach Frazier</b> from Mechanicsburg, who was an unofficial visitor for the Michigan-Michigan State game. Here is Gene's report.

Note: Zach Frazer (6-4, 220 lbs., 4.7 in the 40) from Mechanicsburg, Penn. is a Max Emfinger 5-Star Junior.

Zach Frazer Interview Part 1-Pre-Michigan visit.

Zach, I heard that you're going to be taking a visit to Michigan for the Michigan State game.  "Yeah, they sent me some tickets, and want me to come up their for a visit.  So I'll be going to the Michigan State game.

  So what will you be looking forward to do during the visit?  "Well Chad Henne, he down at the Big 33 game this summer.  So when I go up there, I wanna meet him and talk to him, and I want see how it is at Michigan.  I always see him playing football on ESPN, for Michigan.  That awesome!  I can't wait to meet him and see how he is in real life."

  What coach from the Michigan staff has recruiting you?  "Coach Sheridian I think."

  So what are your thoughts on Michigan right now?  "Their playing awesome right now!  They've had some huge wins this season.  I'm so excited, I can't wait for tomorrow.  Just walking in The Big House is huge.

  It seems like you have a good grasp of things, do you watch alot of college football?  "Yeah, that's all I do.  I like to sit back and watch all the games.  When one games goes off, I turn on another one.

  Are you more of a Big 10 guy, or do you like other conferences?  "I like the Big 10 conference."

  Do you have a favorite team?  "I don't have a favorite team(laughing).  I like everyone.

  Do you have a favorite college player?  "Kyle Orton."

  Your team was runs a very similar offense to Purdue's, is that one of your reasons for considering them?  "Yeah, I really like their offense.  I went to Purdue's football camp during the summer.  I saw the campus, and met the coaching staff.  I also got a chance to talk with Kyle Orton."

  Did you attend any other camps during the summer?  "Yeah, I've been to Maryland, Georgia Tech, Purdue, Penn State, and I went to Jim Cantafio's(Chad Henne's HS Coach)quarterback camp in Reading."

  Weren't you at the PSU Nike Camp?  "Yeah, I went there too." 

  With all these trips behind you, have you developed a favorite school yet?  "Nope, not yet."


Zach Frazer Interview Part 2 -Post Michigan visit.

  How was your visit to Michigan? " I had a good time at Michigan.  We got there a little early because the clocks turned back, so we were waiting for a little bit.  But then it got going, and we got to sit on the fifty yard line, in the second row.  I couldn't believe it, that was so nice."

  What did you do after the game?  "Well after the game,  I got a tour for a little bit.  Then I met Chad Henne, that was cool.  I also talked with coach Loeffler, and coach Carr.  They seemed like nice guys.  After all that, coach Sheridan gave me the full tour."

  Did you meet any other players?  "Yeah, I met a lot of then.  It was a great experience."

  How many days were you there for?  "We were there on Saturday, and Sunday."

  So what will happen from here on out?  "The coaches said they will be in contact, and that they will be following me.  So I'll be catching up with them."

  Note:  Since the interview has taken place, I have been able to confirm that Bill Sheridian of the Michigan coaching staff, visited the school last Friday.

  Next, an interview with Mechanicsburg Head Coach Rich Lichtel.


Head Coach Interview - Part 3.

  With Mechanicsburg Head Coach Rich Lichtel retiring after this season, GBW correspondent Eugene Hankerson talked briefly with Lichtel about his prize QB Zach Frazer.

  Coach, can you offer some insight in regards to the play of Zach Frazer?  "I think he's one of the best QB's to come along not only in this state, but in the country in a long time.  First, he has his first full varsity season under his belt, and his making reads like a professional.  He throws the ball around, and he doesn't have a running game to help him.  He throws for incredible yardage, and takes the hits.  He stays poised and patient, he's wonderful!"

  So what makes Zach so good?  "It's his desire, his attitude, his focus, Zach really works hard.  Zach's a leader, and he has the skills of an NFL player."

  What's he like off the field?  "He's great!  Zach goes to church all the time, he really is a responsible kid."

  What schools have been in contact with Zach?  "Michigan, Notre Dame, all of them.  He really has a lot of schools interested in him."

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