Post Game Presser Quotes

Looking back at the game, and looking ahead to <b>The Game</b>.<br><br> Henne, Hart, Woodley, Breaston, Shazor, Jackson, Edwards, Carr.<br>

Chad Henne: "We (the offense) didn't play well in the first half ... we came out flat in the first half. We got the job done in the second half."

Lamarr Woodley: "They ran some plays we didn't expect ... but we made adjustments at half time."

Steve Breaston: "My foot was a whole lot better. I had a great week of practice. I got my speed back. It (his foot injury) hasn't been frustrating for me ... we've been winning."

Mike Hart on Breaston: "Stevie B is back. He's been hurt -- but Stevie B is BACK!"

Mike Hart: "The bye-week was great; it helped me out a LOT (to recover from a hip injury)."

Coach Carr: "I don't think any of us feel good about how we played in the first half. The defense played well in the first half, and in the second half as well except for the big play (the 68 yard TD run by Noah Herron)."

Coach Carr: "We came out in the second half and took control of the line of scrimmage. And the kicking game (kicks and kick returns) gave us outstanding field position."

Coach Carr: Scott McClintock didn't play today ... he has the flu."

- Ernest Shazor: "Everything is on the line for this game."
- Mike Hart: "You hear about it all year; it's finally here; I can't wait!"
- Coach Carr: "Ohio State has nothing to lose, we have a lot to lose."
- Marlin Jackson: "They hate us with a passion ... It's the best rivalry game in the country."
- Braylon Edwards: "This was not our last game (today). Playing at Ohio State -- it's nasty. You have to have tunnel vision."
- Coach Carr: "We have some guys who have never been there ... Coach English has never been there either. We'll show them some TV copy of the stadium. Of course, Ohio State has some guys who haven't played in this game before either. It's the greatest rivalry in college football."
- Coach Carr (tongue in cheek, with a good chuckle afterward): "I told Mike (Hart) that we'll finally find out if he's really a Big Ten back!"

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