Upcoming Official Visits: December (And The Fall)

You think Jon Crompton's now-defunct MSU game visit was a surprise? There are at least TWO planned December visitors who are also surprises -- and one is now 'out in the open''!<br><br> Here are the lists for now of <b>Upcoming Official Visits</b> -- both in the fall and in December.<br><br> Plus -- the very latest on each of these kids!<br>

Note: we will not leak these 'surprise visits', but will report them when they leak. Sometimes, the longer a visit stays a secret the better (note that the Crompton visit, leaked elsewhere, scuttled the visit). With Jason Gwalyney below, the issue is no longer sensitive -- he has scheduled a full slate of visits.

Scheduled Official Visits: December

- Defensive tackle/end Kyle Moore (Possible Dec. 3 official visit, 6-6, 255 lbs., 4.9 in the 40, 3.0 GPA/960 SAT) from Warner Robbins, Ga., Houston County. Moore has family in Detroit, and will make one of his official visits to U-M, along with USC (Oct. 15), Oklahoma (Oct. 23), Tennessee (Nov. 5) and possibly Oklahoma State ... Georgia is also in the running. He is Scout.com's' #41 South prospect.

- Athlete (WR/DB/QB) Antonio Bass (Dec. 3 U-M official visit, 6-1, 190 lbs., 4.4 in the 40, 3.0 GPA/21 ACT) from Jackson, Mich. He made an unofficial visit for the Oct. 9 Minn. game. He made a Labor Day weekend official visit to Virginia Tech, and it's very close between U-M and V-Tech ... but he told GBW that U-M has the slight edge. He is making an official visit to LSU the Nov. 12 weekend, and he may also make official visits to Notre Dame and MSU. He attended the late July U-M Junior Academic Day. 2004 stats: e rushed for 1,246 yards on140 carries and 15 touchdowns. He also passed for 528 yards on 25 of 75 passing with four touchdowns and four interceptions. He is TheInsiders' #50 prospect.

- Former 'soft' West Virginia commitment RB Jason Gwaltney (Dec. 10 U-M official visit, 5-11, 235 lbs., 4.5 in the 40, 390 lb. bench press, 33 inch vertical jump) from North Babylon, New York. As a junior he ran for 2,601 yards on 297 carries and scored 45 touchdowns -- and he will likely break at least some of those stats this year. Scout.com's #100 prospect has official visits scheduled to Central Florida (Dec. 3), U-M (Dec. 10), USC (Dec. 17) and West Virginia (Jan. 7). He plans to make his decision at the U.S. Army All American game (Jan. 15), where he'll be a participant.

- Defensive/offensive tackle Marques Slocum (Dec. 10 U-M official visit, PSU Nike stats: 6-6, 330 lbs., 5.09 in the 40 ... 300 lb. bench press) from Philadelphia West Catholic. As of Oct. 1st. he has official visits scheduled to MSU (Nov. 12), U-M (Dec. 10) ... the two leaders ... plus Miami (Dec. 17) and possibly LSU (Jan.) and/or Virginia. He made a summer unofficial visit to U-M on Monday, July 26. Slocum grew up a U-M fan and U-M has offered him. He is TheInsiders #70 prospect.

- Offensive tackle Cory Zirbel (Dec. U-M 10 official visit, '04 U-M Camper, 6-6, 290 lbs., 5.18 {electronic} in the 40, 3.1 GPA/ 19 ACT) from Murray, Kent. He made an unofficial visit to U-M for the Iowa game. He was offered at the U-M Camp. U-M, Miami (camp, Dec. 3 official visit) and Oklahoma (Oct. 2 official visit) are his final three, with U-M at the top. He is Scout.com's' #51 South prospect.

- Cornerback Derek Pegues (Dec. 10 official visit, 5-11, 190 lbs., 4.4 in the 40, 2.8 GPA/18 ACT) from Batesville, Miss., South Panola. U-M is his first scheduled official visit. Pegues made a one-day visit the day before the U-M Summer camp. As of late Oct. he lists a top five of LSU (leader?), Tennessee, Michigan, Ole Miss and Alabama. He is TheInsiders #79 South prospect.

- LinebackerBrandon Logan (planned Dec. U-M official visit, ‘02 & ‘03 U-M Camper, US Army Combine stats: 6-0, 189 lbs., 4.72 in the 40, 11 bench press reps., 26 inch vertical jump, 2.5 GPA/17 ACT) from Lexington, Kent., Catholic. He attended the MSU game for an unofficial visit with his parents. U-M evidently leads for him, with Tennessee 'tight there' as well (he will definitely make official visits to those two), followed by Clemson and Louisville. Brandon did not attend the '04 U-M Camp because of a hamstring injury, but he is a two-time Michigan Camper. He attended a 2004 Spring Practice. He and DL recruit James McKinney are cousins.

- The once-and-hopefully-future commitment: DL James McKinney (planned Dec. U-M official visit, '04 U-M Camper, US Army Combine stats: 6-1 1/2, 274 lbs., 5.10 in the 40, 14 bench press reps., 24 1/2 inch vertical jump, 2.7 GPA/17 ACT) from Louisville, Kent., Central. He made an unofficial visit to U-M for the MSU game. He will make official visits to Michigan (possible Dec. 3), Oklahoma (possible Dec. 10), Nebraska (Nov. 26), Clemson and possibly Notre Dame ... U-M leads Louisville (doesn't need an official) with Oklahoma possibly third. McKinney was a full week U-M camper, and worked out at both tight end and defensive lineman. He is Scout.com's #75 prospect, and has been chosen to play in the U.S. Army All-American Game. SR (10-2) stats: 70 tackles/10 sacks/3 blocked FG/4 batted passes/7 FC.

- Offensive lineman David Moosman (Dec. 10 official visit, '04 U-M Camper, 6-3, 260 lbs., 5.3 in the 40, 360 lb. bench press, 2.9 GPA/26 ACT) from Libertyville, Ill. Moosman plans to attend the U-M/MSU game for an unofficial visit. David, Dan Doering and Dace Richardson all attended the U-M/Notre Dame game. In early Oct. he said Wisconsin (camp, Dec. 3 official visit) and Michigan (Dec. 10; camp) both lead slightly over Iowa (Dec. 17; camp), Notre Dame (Jan. 15; camp) and UCLA (late Jan.; he has family in LA). He'll make a late decision. He is TheInsiders #17 Midwest prospect.

- Cancelled for now: Rico McCoy ('03 U-M Camper, 6-1, 215 lbs., 4.55 in the 40, 2. GPA) from Washington D.C. St. John's College. He was scheduled for a Dec. 3 U-M official visit, will it be rescheduled -- they' like to. He now has official visits set for OSU (Dec. 3), Pittsburgh or Tennessee on Dec. 10, plus he will visit Miami (Dec. 17) ... also in the mix is Syracuse (where his brother Reggie a freshman defensive back). As a junior he made 120 tackles and five sacks. He is TheInsiders' #76 prospect, and has been named to the US Army All American team.

The other surprise(s)? They have to stay 'mysteries' for a little longer.

Official Visits Taken and Scheduled This Fall

The Oct. 29 MSU Game: Official Visitors

- Victor Harris (6-0, 185 lbs., 4.45 in the 40, 2.8 GPA, from Highland Springs, Vir.) was in attendance with his mom and a sibling. As of mid-Nov. U-M and the home state schools may lead. He has a Halloween bye week, and will make an official visit for the Oct. 30 MSU game. He has a final five now, with official visits: USC (Oct. 16), Michigan (Oct. 29), Virginia (Dec. 3) and Virginia Tech (Dec. 10), Miami (Dec. 17.). He is TheInsiders' #25 prospect.

- Nick Harris (LSU Nike stats: 6-2 1/2, 209 lbs., 35 inch vertial jump, 4.2 sec. shuttle, 12 bench press reps., from Alexandria, Louisiana) left later in the day than Victor; we'll see if he gets home tonight in time to do an interview. Harris is tall and strong like Jamar Adams. U-M is in his top two or three with LSU (camp, Nov. 19 official visit, leader?), A&M (camp, Sept. 17 official visit, Nov. 13 unofficial visit for Oklahoma game); he also has official visits to Nebraska (possible Nov. 26) and Oklahoma (Sept. 10). Note: don't call him linebacker! He wants to play safety!

Iowa Game Official Visitors:

- Committed to Michigan at the visit: Defensive tackle Terrance Taylor (Sept. 25 Iowa game offic. visit, '03 U-M Camper, 6-0, 285 lbs., 4.9 in the 40, 2.8 GPA/18 ACT) from Muskegon, Mich. He committed at the visit.

- Cornerback Justin King (Sept. 25 Iowa game offic. visit, '04 U-M Camp Visitor, 5-11, 182 lbs., 2003 PSU Nike stats: 4.29 in the 40, 3.72 sec. shuttle {best of camp}, 37.1 inch vertical jump {best of camp}, 11 bench press reps., 3.0 GPA/900 SAT) from Monroeville, Pa., Gateway.

- Cornerback Chris Richards (Sept. 25 Iowa game offic. visit, 05/06 commitment, '04 U-M camper, Nike Stats: 5-11 1/2, 170 lbs., 4.45 in the 40, 4.0 sec. shuttle, 36 inch vertical jump) from Monroe, Calif. Richards made his visit with his father/head coach, also named Chris, who played DB at Cal with U-M defensive backs coach Ron English.

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