The Tale of the Tape: U-M vs. OSU Stats

<b>Individual and Team Stats</b> for the year: OSU and Michigan.<br><br> Do the comparisons tell a story? <b>YES!</b> They indicate that this game looks <b>CLOSE</b>. Will Breaston and Ginn make the difference? Or Braylon?: Or Hart? Or OSU's linebackers? What to the stats tell us? A <b>LOT!</b><br>

Ohio State (6-4 overall, 3-4 Big Ten)

The OSU Season
Cincinnati W 27-6
Marshall W 24-21
At NC-State W 22-14

At Northwestern L 33-27(OT)
Wisconsin L 24-13
At Iowa L 33-7
Indiana W 30-7
Penn State W 21-10
At MSU W 32-19
At Purdue L 24-17


Offensively, Michigan scores 11 more points a game, and leads OSU in all offensive catagories.

Defensively, Michigan also leads OSU in most catagories -- but the two teams give up pretty much the same number of points. Note that the OSU linebackers make far more tackles than U-M's.

Special Teams: the matchup is pretty similar, except Ted Ginn by far leads the conference in punt returns ... with Steve Breaston healthy again for Michigan, this could be an important feature of the game.

Note: look at the OSU Home Average Score vs. the Michigan Away Average Score: this one looks close!


Scoring Offense
Michigan 2nd, 32.1 points
OSU 6th, 21.0 points

Scoring Defense
Michigan 5th, 20.7 points
OSU 6th, 21.4 points

OSU Home Average Score: 25-10
Michigan Away Average Score: 27-16


Pass Offense
Michigan 4th 190 yards per game
OSU 11th 148 yards per game

Rushing Offense
Michigan 3rd 189.7 yards per game
OSU 6th 137.6 yards per game

Total Offense
Michigan 2nd 427.1 yards per game
OSU 10th 285.6 yards per game

Pass Efficiency
Michigan 1st 140.2
OSU 8th 105.3

First Downs
Michigan 23.4 per game
OSU 10th 14.6 per game

Red Zone Efficiency
Michigan 4th 79.3%
OSU 10th 69.2%

3rd Down Conversion Efficiency
Michigan 1st 46.5%
OSU 7th 38.0%

Time of Possession
Michigan 2nd 31:31 minutes
OSU 8th 27:35 minutes

Sacks Given Up
Michigan 8th 2.4 per game
OSU 9th 2.7 per game



Pass Defense
Michigan 4th 190 yards per game
OSU 9th 221.9 yards per game

Rushing Defense
Michigan 3rd 134.4 yards per game
OSU 10th 285.6 yards per game

Total Defense
Michigan 4th 324.4 yards per game
OSU 6th 359.3 yards per game

Pass Defense Efficiency
Michigan 5th 113.3
OSU 6th 120.7

Opponents' First Downs
Michigan 4th 17.1 per game
OSU 9th 20.9 per game

Sacks By
OSU 3rd 2.3 per game
Michigan 7th 2.0 per game

Red Zone Defense Efficiency
Michigan 10th 85.7%
OSU 11th 90.0%

3rd Down Defensive Efficiency
Michigan 1st 27.8%
OSU 8th 45%



Net Punting
OSU 2nd 39.2 yards
Michigan 3rd 38.3 yards

Field Goals
OSU 2nd 81.8%
Michigan 3rd 76.9%

Kickoff returns (average)
Michigan 1st 24.9 yards (and that with a Breaston-injured performance!)
OSU 4th 22.6 yards

Punt Returns (average)
OSU 1st 17.9 yards
Michigan 2nd 14.6 yards (again, with Breaston injured!)

Kickoff Coverage
Michigan 3rd 19.3 yards per kickoff
OSU 9th 23.3 yards per kickoff

Turnover Margin
Michigan 5th 0.00
OSU 9th -.57

OSU 7th 48.4 yards per game
Michigan 9th 52.1 yards per game



Mike Hart #1 164.7 yards per game
No OSU player in the top 10

Chad Henne #2 234.9 yards per game
No OSU player in the top 10

Receiving Yards Per Game
Braylon Edwards #1 99.9 yards per game
Jason Avant #9 50.0 yards per game
Santonio Holmes #10 48.7 yards per game

Receptions Per Game
Braylon Edwards #2 7.14 per game
Santonio Holmes #7 4.43 per game
Jason Avant #10 4.14 per game

Punt Returns - Yards Per Return
Ted Ginn #1 25.4 yards
Steve Breaston #3 13.5 yards per return

A.J. Hawk #3 13.6 per game
Anthony Schlegel #7 9.1 per game
Bobby Carpenter #17 7.9 per game
Ernest Shazor #21 7.6 per game

Lamarr Woodley #3 4 sacks
Pat Massey #8 3 sacks
No OSU player in top 10

Tackles For Loss
Anthony Schlagel #4 12 TFL's
Lamarr Woodley #6 9 TFL's
Ernest Shazor #10 8 TFL's

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