Michigan Gains The Rose Bowl, 30-7

30-7 ... that the <b>Iowa over Wisconsin</b> score! THE score that gave U-M a return trip to the Rose Bowl!<br><br> As for Michigan, as if you didn't know, they lost to Ohio State today 37-21 ... and the Iowa victory meant Michigan-Iowa as Big Ten Champs. With U-M having won the head-to head contest with Iowa back in September, the Wolverines are <b>Coming Up Roses!</b><br><br> Here are the drives of the U-M OSU game, and the key stats.<br>


OSU #1 OSU takes over on their 20, gets a first down, then strikes on a 68 yard pass play.
OSU 7, U-M 0

UM #1
Michigan answers with an 87 yard drive for a tying touchdown. Michigan got 4 first downs on the drive, highlighted by a 38 yard screen pass play to Mike Hart from the U-M 43 to the OSU 19. 4 yard TD catch to Avant at the 10:25 mark. Chad Henne was 6-7 on the drive.
U-M 7, OSU 7

OSU #2
3 and out, followed by bad punt.

UM #2
U-M started at the OSU 43 at the 8:55 mark and drives beautifullly.Three first downs, a 19 yard completion to Gonzalez, and two 11 yard runs by Mike Hart. Hart scores the 1 yard TD at the 6:03 mark.
U-M 14, OSU 7

OSU #3
3 and out.

UM #4
3 and out ... followed by 50 yard punt to the OSU 1.

OSU #5
OSU starts at their own 1 yard line, gets 4 first downs ... and scores a TD with 13:16 mark of the 2nd quarter.
UM 14, OSU 14


UM #5
From their own 20, U-M goes 3 and out.

OSU #6
Starting from the OSU 29 at 11:04, OSU gets 3 first downs, including a 42 yard pass to Ted Ginn.
However, the drive ends with a 4-play goal line stand by U-M at the 1 yard line.

UM #6
Starting at their own 1 yard line, U-M goes 3 and out for the second time in a row.

OSU #7
Ginn returns a punt from the U-M 45 to the U-M 32 yard line at 6:46.
OSU gets 2 first downs. Then with first down at the U-M 2 ... Michigan puts on another goal line stand.
OSU kicks 21 yard FG at the 2:16 mark.
OSU 17, U-M 14

UM #7
From their own 20, U-M goes 3 and out for the third time in a row.

OSU #8
Starting at their 30 at the 1:21 mark, OSU gets 2 first downs, then kicks 42 yard field goal as time runs out in the half.
OSU 20, U-M 14


OSU had 335 yards of total offense, to 165 for Michigan (55 yards rushing, 110 passing).

Troy Smith: 11-18 for 231 yards and a TD. Plus he added 71 yards rushing on 11 attempts.

Chad Henne: 9-17 for 110 yards and a TD.

Mike Hart rushed for 46 yards on 10 carries.


U-M #1
Starting at their own 20, U-M goes 3 and out for the 4th time in a row.

Starting at the U-M 46, OSU goes 3 and out.

U-M #2
Starting at their own 17, U-M gets one first down, then punts.

OSU #2
Ted Ginn takes the punt from the OSU 18 and runs 82 yards for a TD at the 9:56 mark.
OSU 27, U-M 14

U-M #3
Starting at their own 19, U-M gets 2 first downs then punts to the OSU 3.

OSU #3
Starting at their own 3 at the 8:11 mark, OSU drives 97 yards for the TD at the 1:53 mark. OSU got 3 first downs. The key play , a 46 yard scramble by Troy Smith.
OSU 34, U-M 14

U-M #4
Starting at their own 16 yard line, U-M gets a first down, then Henne hits Braylon Edwards for a 46 yard pass down to the OSU 8 yard line. However, Henne throws an interception at the goal line.


OSU #4
OSU goes 3 and out.

U-M #5
Starting at their own 36, at the 11:35 mark, U-M gets a first down, then scores on a 38 yard TD pass to Braylon Edwards at the 10:56 mark.
OSU 34, UM 21

OSU #5
3 and out, but OSU kicks a 71yard punt down to the U-M 20.

U-M #6
Following a 71 yard OSU punt, Michigan starts at the U-M 20. They go for it on 4th down and don't make it at the 7:37 mark.

OSU #6
Starting at the U-M 30, OSU kicks a 48 yard field goal at the 7:15 mark.
OSU 37, UM 21

U-M #7
Starting at their own 20, U-M gets 3 first downs, but gives the ball back on downs at the OSU 32 at the 4:18.

OSU #7
Starting at their own 32, OSU goes 3 and out.

U-M #8
With time running out, Henne throws an interception on 4th down with 29 seconds left.

OSU #8
OSU runs out the clock.



OSU 445 yards (205 rushing, 240 passing)
Michigan 399 yards (72 rushing, 327 passing)

Turnovers: OSU 0, U-M 2 interceptions

3rd down conversions:
OSU 8-17
UM 5-15

Troy Smith: 13-23 for 240 yards, 2 TD's, 0 ints.
Chad Henne: 27-54 for 327 yards, 2 TD's, 2 ints.

Mike Hart: 18 carries for 59 yards
Troy Smith: 16 carries for 140 yards.

Ted Ginn: 5 receptions for 87 yards. He also returned a punt 82 yards for a TD.
Braylon Edwards: 11 receptions for 173 yards and a TD.

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