Russell Davis on Antonio Bass

Sam Webb talked Friday to Jackson, Mich. Athletic Director and former Wolverine RB Great, <b>Russell Davis.</b><br><br> As part of their conversation, Sam asked Davis about his star athlete, <b>Antonio Bass</b>. Are the inklings about Virginia Tech having a slight lead for Antonio true?<br><br> You'll be interested in what Russell Davis says!

Before Russell Davis and I finished our discussion, I had a chance to ask the Jackson athletic director about his star QB/Ath Antonio Bass. With official visits to Virginia Tech and LSU out of the way, where do things now stand? "I spoke with Coach Carr yesterday (Thursday)," Davis said.

"Antonio and I told him 'don't be alarmed."

"Antonio is cut a little different. He is not a big RA-RA guy. Depending on when you catch him, you may not get four words out of him. Whenever I'm talking to any school, their sentiment has been the same…'I'm not getting a good feeling from him.' Well everybody is saying that. That's just how the kid is."

So does Davis believe any of the rumors that Michigan may have slipped and that Bass Antonio might be leaning in another direction?

"No, not at all," Davis said. "As a matter fact, everything I hear always says Michigan, so I'm loving it! (laughing)."

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