Tory Jackson Blowing Up

<p>Those that cover the in-state basketball circuit have known the name <strong>Tory Jackson</strong> for quite some time, but he is now gaining wider exposure with every day that goes by. According to the young man himself, his performance at Aim High this past weekend was one that will gain him the recognition that he has been seeking. He also discusses his recruitment and his decision timetable.</p>

I heard you would be playing in the Aim High Showcase in Lansing. How did that go?

"Whoa! (laughing) We played in that on Friday. Man, I was killen em! I had over thirty every game! There were three games that we played in. We played Holt, Bay City All Saints, and Grand Rapids Forest Central(?). We beat Forest Central by 2. I had like 38 on them. We lost to Holt mainly because we had to play in back to back games. That's not an excuse or anything. It was just the fact that they were bigger an way stronger than us. They were Class A and just way stronger. We weren't prepared, really. They gave it to us, but I still had like 37 or 38 on them."

"During the last game against Bay City All Saints I saw Vince Baldwin (a well respected midwest scout that runs Prepspotlight Magazine) come in and he always seems to rank me real low. When I saw him I said to myself, 'let me show him why I should be ranked higher than what I am'...and that's the number one player at the point guard position (For the record Vince has TJ ranked the #1 PG in the instate class and the #4 player overall)."

"So I'm out there killen em. I'm giving Bay City All Saints THE BIZ! I had like 35 by the time we were into the third quarter. I sat out the rest of the quarter. I came back in the fourth quarter and Vince was looking at me like 'that's too easy.' So I said, 'ok, he has never seen me dunk before.' Me and my boy were on a fast break and one of the Bay City players was trying to run with us. So my boy lobbed it up from the three-point line and I was coming in from the sideline. The dude tried to go up and block it to knock it down...but I jumped up, caught it with two hands, and just dunked it on him! I turned around, looked at Vince, closed my eyes, and walked away."

Since you stated Michigan was your leader earlier this month, have there been any schools coming after you with more intensity?

"Illinois is coming at me harder than I expected. They use to come at me, but now it's a lot harder than they use to. Florida is coming at me a lot harder. Michigan is still coming at me hard. Oklahoma is coming at me harder too."

What if Michigan were to call you up right now and offer you a scholarship? Would you still consider other schools?

"I'd still wait, because I just can't make a quick decision. If they really really want me to be one of their players, then they'll be patient enough to wait for me to make my own decision."

What is your decision timetable?

"I want to make it sometime this summer."

I asked you this question in the spring, but now that you've had more time to think about it, I'd like to ask you again. What are going to be the most significant factors in your choice?

"Atmosphere for the coaches. The coaches are going another. It's going to come down to who they want the most. Are they going they take another point guard? Are they going to let me come in and get some playing time. I don't have to start, but I would like the opportunity to be the sixth or seventh man at least. I want to go to a place where they put he ball in the players hands and let them get their shine on."

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