Pa. Jrs. LB Jeremiah Hunter and LM Jared Otrick

GBW correspondent Eugene Hankerson (24Gene) has been scouting all the top players in Pennsylvania, and talking to them and their coaches.<br><br> Gene has been out to see and talk to lanky and fast junior Running Back/Linebacker <b> Jeremiah Hunter</b> from Manheim Central, who was an attendee at last summer's Michigan Camp. Has Hunter received an early Michigan offer? Does he have an early leader?<br><br> Also joining the conversation was LM <b>Jared Otrick</b> from Lebanon.

The smooth, lanky, 6-2, 200 lb. Jeremiah Hunter was reported one of the 5 or so fastest players at the 2004 Michigan Summer Camp. Here is Gene's interview with him recently.

Hey Jeremiah, I heard that you received a scholarship offer from Michigan?

"Yeah, the Michigan coaches offered me. They seemed to really like me."

When did you get the offer?

"They offered me when I was up there during the summer, at the Michigan Camp."

How did you like the camp?

"Oh, I really liked it".

What other camps did you go to?

"I went up to Ohio State, and to UNC."

Did you get offers from those schools too?

"Yeah, I got offered by Ohio State and UNC."

What other schools have offered you?

"Purdue, Uconn, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Wisconsin, Pitt, Georgia, and Florida. There are a couple more that I can't think of right now."

What position is Michigan recruiting you for?

"Michigan's recruiting me to play linebacker."

Which coach from the Michigan staff has been recruiting you?

"Lloyd Carr, I talk to him personally."

What are your plans for after the season?

"I'm going down to San Antonio in January for the Army All American Junior Combine. Then I'll probably take some more unofficial visits during the off season."

Do you know when you want to make your decision yet?

"I'm going take all five of my official visits, and get them out the way. Then I'll probably announce my decision on Signing Day."

Note: At this point in the interview, DL/DE/OL Jared Otrick from Lebanon HS walked over and joined the conversation. Both are funny, and two are good friends and have known each other for awhile.

Jared, has Michigan been in contact with you?

"Yeah, they send me mail, almost everyday. It's pretty constant. They have invited me to come up for their for games and stuff like that".

Did you take them up on the offer, and make the trip to Michigan yet?

"I have'nt yet. But I definitely wanna get up there, I'm trying to make a trip there. I'm planning a trip a trip with my aunt to make it out there. I'm trying to get in contact with them (Michigan) about it."

What other schools have been in contact with you?

"A bunch of schools. Mostly Big Ten and Big East schools. Penn State has really been on me. Iowa has offered me already."

What is Iowa recruiting you as?

"I have no idea, probably O-line."

What side of the ball would you like to play on incollege.

"I'd like to play defense if possible."

I saw you playing middle linebacker for your team, is your primary position?

"I play that spot, because that is where the coaches needed me at. I don't like playing there, but I do it for the team."

What other spots do you play besides LB?

"Defensive End, and Defensive Tackle. I play left tackle on offense, I love pancaking those guys."

Do you plan on going to any camps during the summer?

"Yeah I went to the Penn State Nike Camp last year, and I'll probably go again. I plan on going to Uconn and Maryland because both schools plan to offer. I really like Michigan, and I want to get out there and meet them, and see what they talking about."

Note: Jeremiah then asked Jared Otrick, is Michigan one of your top choices?

"Yeah, there in my top five."

Jeremiah Hunter then responded by saying "Michigan is my number 1 school".

After that, I left, and the two continued to talk.

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