Antonio Bass Returns Home; Decision Looming?

<p>GoBlueWolverine caught up with Jackson (Mich.) High QB/ATH <strong>Antonio Bass</strong> and discussed his official visit to Ann Arbor this past weekend.<br><br> How did the visit go? Have the Wolverines moved out in front for's #50 prospect? Is he deciding soon?<br><br> You won't want to miss the latest!</p>

Antonio Bass had to digest his Michigan visit a bit before talking about it. When he was ready, he gave GoBlueWolverine this interview last (Monday) night.

So how did your visit go?

"It was REAL good! It was probably the best visit I've had! It was the environment. I just felt comfortable there."

Who was your host and did you get a chance to really hang out with the players?

"Mike Hart was my host. I got a chance to hang with all of the players. It was fun, man. I talked to Braylon, Marlin, and a lot of other guys. I know that if I go to Michigan, I can reach my full potential. I know that."

What did your Mom think?

"She liked it too. She said that Michigan just had something that the other schools didn't."

Did the visit move Michigan up in your eyes?

"They really couldn't move any higher. They proved that they should be there on my list."

So, Michigan is your leader?


Does Virginia Tech picking up another QB affect your decision in any way?

"No, not really."

Are you still visiting Michigan State this weekend?


You said in a previous interview that you'd probably decide before after your visit to State. Is that still the case?

"Yeah, probably before Christmas."

Stay tuned to GBW as we will be keeping close tabs on Bass in the coming days.

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