Dc 13-What's Next For Best Guess Rec. List:OLs,DLs

<b>*DECEMBER 13 NOON UPDATE*</b><br><br> It's <b>Decision Time</b> for at least a half-dozen of Michigan's top recruits.<br> With Michigan's biggest recruiting weekend wrapping up, it's <b>Decision Time</b> for at least a half-dozen of Michigan's top football recruits.<br><br> Here is our latest Best Guess Recruiting Class List: <br> <b>Offensive and Defensive Linemen.</b><br><br> The focus this time: <b>What's Next</b> for each of these kids: A Decision? Or more visits?<br>

Needs: 4 or 5
Commitments: 4 (Justin Schifano, Tim McAvoy), Cory Zirbel, Mark Ortmann.
Recruits: David Moosman, Dace Richardson, Marques Slocum (see DT)


Defensive Tackles
Needs: 2 (or 3)
Commitments: 1 (Terrance Taylor)
Recruits: James McKinney, Marques Slocum, possibly Lawrence Wilson.

- (Commitment #2) Justin Schifano (Dec. 3 U-M official visit, '03 U-M Camper, Nike stats: 6-4 1/2, 302 lbs., 5.1 in the 40, 30 bench press reps. of 185 lbs. ... 400 lb. bench press, "A" avg./qualified) from Webster, N.Y., Schroeder. He committed during his unofficial visit for the '03 Notre Dame game. He was the top OL performer at the '03 PSU Nike Camp as a soph. He is TheInsiders' #39 East prospect.

- (Commitment #9) OC/OG prospect Tim McAvoy (Dec. 10 U-M official visit, '04 U-M Camper, 6-5, 250 lbs., 4.8 in the 40, 3.3 GPA/24 ACT) from Bloomington, Ill. A TE in high school, McAvoy worked out at O-line at the U-M Camp. He was offered in early August, and committed Aug., 3. Tim's dad played for Gary Moeller at Illinois.

- NEW - Offensive lineman Mark Ortmann (Dec. 10 official visit, 6-6, 270 lbs., 5.2 in the 40, 350 lb. bench press, 3.5 GPA) from Klein, Tex.
What's Next: COMMITTED to Michigan at visit; commitment #13
GBW thought Ortmann might make it in for a U-M visit last weekend, but a visit is set for this coming weekend for sure. He did have Northwestern set for Dec. 3 and Texas A&M Dec. 10, but he cancelled Northwestern and visited the Aggies last weekend. This is a TXAM-U-M battle -- we'll see if he commits at his U-M visit! His family is from Chicago.

- NEW - Offensive tackle Cory Zirbel (Dec. U-M 10 official visit, '04 U-M Camper, 6-6, 290 lbs., 5.18 {electronic} in the 40, 3.1 GPA/ 19 ACT) from Murray, Kent.
What's Next: COMMITTED to Michigan at Visit -- commitment #14. Zirbel made an unofficial visit to U-M for the Iowa game. He was offered at the U-M Camp. U-M, Miami (camp, Dec. 3 official visit) and Oklahoma (Oct. 2 official visit) may be his final three, with U-M perhaps at the top. He also made an official to Virginia Tech (Nov. 26). He is Scout.com's' #51 South prospect.

- NEW - Offensive lineman David Moosman (Dec. 10 official visit, '04 U-M Camper, 6-3, 260 lbs., 5.3 in the 40, 360 lb. bench press, 2.9 GPA/26 ACT) from Libertyville, Ill.
What's Next: He did not commit at his U-M visit, and may have one more visit, with probable decision by Xmas. His visits: Wis (Dec. 3), U-M (Dec. 10), Iowa (Dec. 17); probably not Notre Dame (possible Jan. 15) and UCLA (possible late Jan.).
Coach Carr reportedly made his in-home visit with Moosman Dec. 3. Moosman attended the U-M/MSU game for an unofficial visit. David, Dan Doering and Dace Richardson all attended the U-M/Notre Dame game. Wisconsin (camp, Dec. 3 official visit) and Michigan (Dec. 10; camp) both lead slightly over Iowa (Dec. 17; camp), Notre Dame (possible Jan. 15; camp) and UCLA (possible late Jan.; he has family in LA). He'll make a Christmas decision. He is Scout.com's #17 Midwest prospect.

- NEW - Offensive tackle Dace Richardson (Dec. 3 official visit, 6-8, 305 lbs., 5.2 in the 40, 2.8 GPA/18 ACT) from Wheaton, Ill., South.
What's Next: One more visit, USC; US Army Game Announcement. His visits: Tenn (Oct. 23), U-M (Dec. 3), Iowa (Dec. 10), USC (unofficial visit over XMas; possible Jan. 22 official).
He attended the U-M/Iowa game. He is considering Tennessee (Oct. 23 offic. visit), Iowa (camp, Dec. 10 visit, leader?), USC (leader? He has family in Calif., possible Jan. 22 official visit) ... and is also considering U-M (Dec. 3), and perhaps (but not likely) Oklahoma or Wisconsin. Richardson visited for a U-M spring practice. Richardson, Dan Doering, and David Moosman all attended the U-M/Notre Dame game. He is Scout.com's #24 prospect.


- Defensive/offensive tackle Marques Slocum (Dec. 10 U-M official visit, PSU Nike stats: 6-6, 330 lbs., 5.09 in the 40 ... 300 lb. bench press) from Philadelphia West Catholic.
What's Next: 2 visits done, 1-3 more to take ... or will he decide?His visits: MSU (Dec. 3), U-M (Dec. 10), Maryland (Dec. 17), possibly Jan. visits to LSU or Virginia.
As of Oct. 1st. he has official visits scheduled to MSU (Nov. 12, with teammate Derrell Hand ... leader?), U-M (Dec. 10), the two leaders with Maryland (Dec. 17) ... and possibly LSU (Jan.) or Virginia. He made a summer unofficial visit to U-M on Monday, July 26. Slocum grew up a U-M fan and U-M has offered him. He is Scout.com's #70 prospect.

- Michigan commitment #10: Defensive nose tackle Terrance Taylor (Sept. 25 Iowa game offic. visit, '03 U-M Camper, 6-0, 285 lbs., 4.9 in the 40, 2.8 GPA/18 ACT) from Muskegon, Mich. He made an official visit to LSU the Sept 3 weekend and said LSU had moved into the lead for him, but then he made his official visit to U-M Sept. 25 for the Iowa game and committed to the Wolverines. He attended the late-July U-M Junior Academic Day. He is TheInsiders #20 Midwest prospect.

- NEW - The once-and-hopefully-future commitment: DT/DE/TE James McKinney (Dec. 10 U-M official visit, '04 U-M Camper, US Army Combine stats: 6-1 1/2, 274 lbs., 5.10 in the 40, 14 bench press reps., 24 1/2 inch vertical jump, 2.7 GPA/17 ACT) from Louisville, Kent., Central.
What's Next: 3 visits done, 1-2 more to take. He'll make a US Army Game Decision. His visits: Neb(Nov. 26), Clem (Dec. 3), U-M (Dec. 10), Oklahoma (Dec. 17) ... Louisville unofficial visits.
McKinney made an unofficial visit to U-M for the MSU game. He has official visits to Nebraska (Nov. 26), Clemson (Dec. 3), Michigan, Oklahoma (Dec. 17), and possibly Notre Dame ... U-M may lead Louisville (doesn't need an official) with Oklahoma possibly third. McKinney was a full week U-M camper, and worked out at both tight end and defensive lineman. He is Scout.com's #75 prospect, and has been chosen to play in the U.S. Army All-American Game. SR (10-2) stats: 70 tackles/10 sacks/3 blocked FG/4 batted passes/7 FC.

- Defensive end Lawrence Wilson (Jan. U-M official visit, 6-6, 225 lbs.) from Akron, Ohio, St. Vincent-St. Mary's.
What's Next: OSU visit done, U-M (Jan.) to take. The former ND commitment has visited OSU, and will visit U-M in January. He made an unofficial visit to U-M during spring practice.


The Overall Needs (unofficial):


QB-------------1---------1 (Forcier)---------------------Bass(see WR)

RB-------------2---------2 (Grady,Simpson)

TE-------------1---------1 (Butler)

WR------------3---------2 (Manninghm,Savoy)--------Bass

OL-------------4 or 5---4 (Schifo,McAvy,Zirbl,Ortmn)---Moosmn,Richardsn

DL-------------2 or 3---1 (Taylor)----------------------McKinny,Slocm,Wilson

OLB------------1--------1 (McClaurin)


S--------------0 or 1---0--------------------------------N Harris

CB-------------2 or 3---1 (Sears)----------------------V Harris,Harrsn,Pegues

P--------------1----------1 (Mesko)


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