Dc 13: One Leg Left in Race for Antonio Bass

<strong>Antonio Bass</strong> took a trip to East Lansing this past weekend for an official visit to Michigan State. <br><br> Was John L. Smith's pitch enough to pull the Spartans even with Michigan for him?<br>

Antonio was accompanied by his dad on his trip to East Lansing. We caught up with Mr. Bass Sunday evening to find out how things went.

So, how did the visit to MSU go? What did they have him down while he was there?

"It went well. They showed him around campus and showed him the business school… that sort of thing. His host was a young man that I coached on a basketball travel team by the name of Kellen Davis. I had Kellen when he was in the 8th and 9th grades. It was a good visit."

Was there anything on the visit that really stuck out in your mind?

"Well, Coach Smith called him in and told him they want him to come in and be a quarterback."

So that was a positive factor for Michigan State?

"Yeah, I feel it was a positive, but Michigan is never out of the picture."

Do you think he's ready to make his decision?

"I think a decision will be made very soon. I know he is going to get visits from a lot of folks this week. I think he'll make his decision shortly after because he is burned out. It's definitely winding down."

What days will he be having the visits?

"Lloyd (Carr) is coming in Tuesday. After that, I think Michigan State and Virginia Tech come in Thursday...and LSU might slip in on Wednesday."

Where do you think he is leaning at this point?

"I'll just say that all the teams have a chance. It wouldn't surprise me one way or another if he picked any of the schools on his list. It's really up to the young man now. The ball is in Antonio's court to make a decision. I just want him to go where he feels the most comfortable."

GBW will have more on Antonio in the coming days.

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