Texas vs. Michigan: The Gamebreakers

<b>Allen Trieu</b> is a NFL Draft Analyst who has been studying (along with GBW's Josh Turel) the top Michigan and Texas players. So we asked Allen to take a break from preparing for the NFL Combine to give us an <b>impartial preview</b> of the <b>Wolverines vs.Longhorns</b> matchup.<br><br> Here is the first of several reports from Trieu and Turel: on Texas vs. Michigan: <b>Gamebreakers, Individual Matchups, <i>X-Factors</i>, and more!</b><br><br> First up: <b>THE GAMEBREAKERS</b><br>



QB Vince Young
Young is capable of momentum changing plays. With the game and a BCS berth on the line against Kansas, Young on a 4th and 18 took off, made two men miss and got the first down. He would cap the drive off by throwing the game winning touchdown pass. With Michigan having trouble containing Troy Smith's scrambling in their loss to Ohio State, Young's ability to make plays with his feet will most likely be the most important factor in this game.

RB Cedric Benson
Benson is a workhorse and a grinder, but he has shown throughout his career that he is also capable of the big run. Michigan's defense has missed some tackles at times which has led to long runs. They haven't seen a back as powerful as Benson either, so one or two broken tackles could mean pay dirt for Cedric.

LB Derrick Johnson
Johnson is a classic game changer on defense. He can impact a game in many different ways. He's shown a penchant for creating turnovers as he's had 8 forced fumbles this season. He also added an interception and 19 tackles for a loss. He's equally effective in coverage as he is blitzing and stopping the run. A big hit or a key turnover from Johnson could greatly affect the momentum in this game.


RB Mike Hart
Hart hasn't necessarily been a game breaker for the Wolverines. His longest run of the season was only 33 yards, but he is capable of substantial gains in both the passing game and the running game. He also has the ability to make positive plays out of tough situations. These types of plays fire up the team and shift momentum towards the Wolverines.

WR Braylon Edwards
Braylon is the very definition of game breaker. His late game heroics and highlight reel grabs against Michigan State are obviously the best example of this, but Braylon has made those sorts of plays all throughout his career. He is an excellent downfield receiver and also has the speed and elusiveness to make plays after the catch as well.

WR/RS Steve Breaston
Breaston is capable of taking it to the house on any play he touches the ball. He hasn't had as strong a year as he has been dealing with nagging injuries, but he finished the year strong and that momentum should carry over into the bowl game. He isn't a downfield receiver, but he can take short completions and turn them into long games with his great open field ability. He's also a dangerous return man who can shift the field position battle of this game in a hurry.

Next up: the "X-Factors"!

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